Parenting: Dr Douglas Ong

I realize I haven’t blog about a very important person who helped bring my kids to this world. Yes, my gynae Dr Douglas Ong.

Dr Ong and us when we went back for my check 1 week after Zai's birth.
Dr Ong and us when we went back for my check 1 week after Zai’s birth.

Dr Ong was recommended to me by an ex-colleague. I was staying with my in-laws at Bukit Panjang when Zai was conceived. Dr Ong’s night clinic was at the old 10 Mile Junction, which is walking distance to my in-laws place. Plus its a night clinic so we decide to just check him out. And we have not regretted since.

Dr Ong is very good at making you feel at ease. Unlike another gynae which we visited when we were trying to have babies, Dr Ong is not aloof, very patient and nice. He care to explain clearly when you have any queries and he is able to calm your fears or worries. I think this is very important especially for first time parents.

He is also very very pro-natural, which align to our beliefs. We didn’t know how “pro” he is until we spoke with other friends and learn about other gynae. For example, Chubby has a friend whose wife is about my size or maybe slightly larger. I can’t really tell as she was already heavily pregnant when we saw her. They were sharing with us that the wife is going for a C-Sect the following week on the advice of the doctor as her baby was too “big”. When we enquire about the weight (which is estimated base on ultra-sound), they mention something like 3.1kg. I was shock, cause I gave birth to Loi naturally and her birth weight was 3.1kg. And Dr Ong has never thought that I won’t be able to do it because of my petite frame. And if you need to know, TT birth weight was 3.4kg. His last scan weight before I popped was 3.1kg and we did enquire if TT was too big. But he assured us it won’t be an issue since Loi is already 3.1kg. I thank god Dr Ong never advice us to go C-Sect just because of this.

Dr Ong is also very practical and truthful. When we had Zai, we noticed that Dr Ong only prescribe multi-vitamins and calcium pills as supplement. So we enquired about Fish Oil. He told us truthfully that there is not enough scientific studies to actually prove that taking fish oil during pregnancy will help the baby to be “smarter”. However, if it is after birth and through breast feeding, then its more logical. Besides, its actually a little dangerous to consume during pregnancy as it may thin the blood which may have implications during or after labor. Hence, we never spend a single cent on the very expensive fish oil during my pregnancies. I only ate them during my breast feeding periods as part of my supplements.

But Dr Ong is not without flaws. Be prepared for long waiting time. Although there is appointment time, we usually still have to wait for an hour before its our turn. He is that popular. But there is a way out. Register yourself with his nurse then go for your dinner. By the time you finish dinner, its about time for your appointment too. And the nurse will actually call you when its close to your turn. So you won’t actually miss your queue.

We enjoyed Dr Ong services and will not hesitate to recommend him to others.

Dr Ong with Us right after the birth of TT.
Dr Ong with Us right after the birth of TT.

How about you? How was your gynae like?

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. Just sharing my personal experience with my gynae.


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