Melbourne 2014: Silverwater Resort, Phillip Island

Ok, I’m so back dated on my post. We went Melbourne in April 2014 and now I’m trying to do some catch up post on that. Hopefully it’s still relevant to whoever is interested.

For this Melbourne trip, the first place we visited was Phillip Island. This is like the must visit place for tourist right? Lol. Anyway, we decide to spend 3 days there so we booked a resort for a two night stay.

Chubby being the king of procrastination, didn’t get any booking done until we were very very close to our trip. And his way of doing is to go to Agoda and see what they offer, open up Google map, check the location and if it is decent enough he will make the booking. So this is how we “stumbled” upon Silverwater Resort.

Location wise Silverwater Resort is not at a “best” location. It is straddled between the touristy area of Phillp Island and the Melbourne city. There is no supermarket or restaurants near the resort also. So why did Chubby chose this place? Well, this is the first place we will visit after our red-eye flight. We weren’t sure the drivers will be able to handle too long a drive. We didn’t want to repeat the mistake we made the other time we went New Zealand, where we had a 5 hour drive after our flight and Chubby could hardly keep his eyes open. So he decides to choose a place in Phillip Island but is “nearer” to city. However, I’m glad he chose the place, cause although the location is not at the best, other factors do make up for it.

For our family of 4, we chose the 1 bedroom apartment that comes with a living area, dining area, balcony, toilet and a bedroom.

1 Bedroom Apartment @ Silverwater Resort
1 Bedroom Apartment @ Silverwater Resort. The boy is checking out what is available in the room.

As you can see from the photo, the “kitchen” area is not very big and is actually very close to the “living room”. But it is decent enough if you just want to heat up some pizzas like we did. I like it that they have a dishwasher so you just dump everything inside before you leave the resort for the day and the dishes will be clean when you are back! Ok, its my first time using a dishwasher and I’m impress actually.

Another plus point of the room is that it comes with its own washing machine with dryer! Yipee. No need to queue or share with others. I dump everything in before we turn in for the night and wake up to fresh and dry laundry in the morning. The best part, laundry liquid is provided by the resort too.

However, do note that there are apartments that is on the 2nd level. We were lucky to have ours at the first, which means we need not lug our luggage up and down the stairs just for 2 night stay.

A very big plus point of the resort is the view.

Breathtaking view taken just behind our apartment
Breathtaking view taken just behind our apartment

The view of the resort is really breathtaking. I will really call this place a resort, cause it just relaxes you. We have a decent view from our balcony and would love to bring my breakfast out and enjoy the scenery while eating. Unfortunately, the weather was too cold and with two jumping kids, well, maybe next time.

Being a resort, the place has very decent facilities for the family. There is a heated indoor swimming pool. I’m sure the kids would have love to take a dip but unfortunately I didn’t pack their swim wear for the trip. Who would pack swim wear for cold weather?

There is also a decent size playground to keep the kids entertained while the adults prepared dinner. Well, that is what happened to us on the 2nd night. While Chubby and my MIL were preparing dinner at my SIL 2 Bedroom Apartment, I brought the kids out to dispense their energy at the playground.

The kids and adults having fun at the playground!
The kids and adults having fun at the playground!

Notice the picture at the bottom left. I dunno what it is called, but its kinda of like a big air-bag which allow kids and adults to jump and bounce happily on it. There were 2 big ones there. I would love to try it, but unfortunately, Loi was a little scared of the bounciness and I had to play with her at the playground instead.

But the playground out in the open has a downside. It was raining and rather cold the 2 nights we were there. So unless you are bouncing non-stop at the “air-bag”, its actually a little cold to be playing at the playground. And the flooring of the playground which is cushioned using soft wood, also meant that your socks will be damp by the end of the play. Well, this make the in-room washing machine all the more important.

All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Silverwater Resort. Its one of the better ones for the trip. The kids have things to entertain them, while the rooms are very well equipped. I would probably opt to go back there again if we decide to revisit Phillip Island.

Have you stayed in a resort at Phillip Island before? Where did you stay? Leave a comment for us so we can compare it out should we be going back in the future. T.I.A.


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