Parenting: Treating Stomach Flu

How has 2015 been for you all so far? Well, it wasn’t really that good for me. I was down with Stomach Flu on the first weekend of 2015. I spent my weekend and first half of the week sleeping away and trying to recover. As I’m typing this post, I’m still suffering from diarrhoea. Thankfully the vomiting is getting lesser and I’m now able to keep some food in my stomach. Oh the feeling is terrible. It doesn’t help that our helper is back to her hometown and I thank all those who helped out with the kids and the house during this period.

Talking about Stomach Flu, its something Chubby and myself really feared. Especially when it happens to our boy. You can read more about it here. And just last month, the boy suffered from Stomach Flu again and we rushed him to the hospital without taking any chances. His stomach flu virus was so strong that he subsequently pass the virus to his 3 cousins, sister, Aunt and Grandma.

Through this 2nd bout of Stomach Flu “experience”, we learned something and I think its worthy to note it here and share with whoever is interested.

1. Stop the Vomiting
The reason why we sent the boy to the hospital was to have medication to stop the vomiting. This is rather important as vomiting will cause him to become dehydrated. And if the vomit isn’t treated, drinking water will just trigger more vomiting. Hence, first thing first is to stop the vomiting. No injections were required, they are just given a small cup of oral medication which depends on their weight.

It is important to note when was the last time the kid vomited so they can start the monitoring process.

2. Monitoring and Glucose Water / Ribena
Half an hour after the medication and the kid does not vomit, you can start to administer Glucose Water or Ribena. We were given Glucose Water at the hospital. And they are only allowed 15ml every 15 minutes.

Remember not to over feed or it will trigger the stomach and cause vomiting to come back.

These few days when I’m down with Stomach Flu myself, I applied the same technique on my own. I was so hungry but I couldn’t get any food in. So I had a small mouthful of Ribena every 15 minutes. Thankfully I didn’t vomit the Ribena out and I felt better with the sugar in my body, though I was still hungry.

After an hour of monitoring and Glucose Water, if there is no more vomiting, then its likely the anti-vomit medication is working and the kid can go back home. Else, an admission may be required.

3. More Monitoring and Milo-Kosong
Luckily for us, Zai didn’t vomit after the hour. We brought him home and continue to monitor him. However, when he woke up from his sleep, he was so thirsty he requested for water. We make the big mistake of allowing him to gulp down lots of water. Yes, the next moment he puke everything out. Although the medication has worked, but his stomach is still not ready for an influx of water.

We chose to follow by the 15ml every 15 minutes rule. So we let him had 15ml of plain water to quench his thirst. We were lucky that he was willing to take some Milo. So we make some Milo-kosong (just Milo powder with no milk as we are unsure if milk will trigger further impact on his stomach). Again the Milo was just 15ml each time although he requested more. The reason we chose Milo over Ribena is because we think Milo will be more filling for his stomach.

For the boy, he slept most of the day away while his body tries to recover. In between the Milo feeds, there was also water feed. Depending on what the boy requested. We went through this for about 1.5 days.

4. Liquid Diet
When the boy appears to be better, we gave him liquid diet. We started with his formula milk. The doctor told us its ok to give milk without dilution. But we were a little skeptical. So we still somewhat dilute it. And we didn’t start with a full bottle, but just 50ml for his first feed. After ensuring that he is not about to throw up, we slowly increase the amount. Then we move on to giving him porridge and soon his on the road to recovery.

This is what we did to treat the Stomach Flu. How about you? Do you have other advice? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Some really important points to note:

  • Keep the kid hydrated. Not to over feed them with water, but make sure there is always water intake.
  • Go to the hospital if the vomitus is green or vomiting does not stop. My niece suffered from green vomitus and was dehydrated from all the vomiting that she had to be admitted.
  • Not sure if it is related, but my daughter and elder niece who had Rotavirus Vaccine suffered the least in this “saga”. (Not trying to promote the vaccine here, but this is what we observed. And IF you do want to administer the vaccine do note its only for infants below 8 months.)

When kids are sick, the parents or caregivers are those that suffer even more. Having to take care of them and you know how kids tantrums are when they are not well. Its a toll on everybody. Hence I wish every parents and every kid will have good health in this 2015.


2 thoughts on “Parenting: Treating Stomach Flu

  1. Great tips! Although sorry to hear that you had to learn them the hard way 😦 I felt queasy just reading about it!

    Although look on the bright side, everyone is starting the new year trying to lose weight and you’ve already had a natural detox programme 😛

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