Thoughts: Reviewing 2014

As the last day of 2014 approaches, I couldn’t help but want to do my yearly habit of reviewing the year itself. I have been thinking if there is one word that summarizes for our family this year, it has to be “nature”.

Natural Places
We went traveling as a family twice this year. First to Australia Melbourne, then to Malaysia UK Farm. Oh, I’m still trying to write about our Melbourne trip, it will come, albeit a little behind time. Lol. Hopefully it’s still relevant to those who wants to visit Melbourne. This two places are not all natural, but I like to think they are closer to nature then visiting the cities and doing shopping or visiting Zoos.

Back in Singapore, we also started exploring the Bukit Timah Nature Reserves. We usually wake up early in the morning and start our “hike” when it’s dark. But by the time we reach the summit, it will be bright.

The boy feeling very at ease at Bukit Timah summit
The boy feeling very at ease at Bukit Timah summit

The boy really enjoys the hike as he get to observe the different animals in nature and of course play with torchlight. We were very fortunate to spot the pangolins on top of the usual monkeys and squirrels when we were there. For me it’s also a big step. I’m a city kid who grew up in concrete jungle. I hate creepy crawlies and is scared of animals except for small and cute pets. But both Chubby and the boy has taught me how to enjoy the nature more. I’m less afraid of them now. It’s just a pity that when we found such a gem, it’s closed for “renovation” work. We hope to be back soon.

Natural Remedies
Actually this started last year. We went on the road of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for the kids and even ourselves. We are seeing the results now.

The boy has sensitive nose, he is always having some kind of “flu”. My SIL calls him 鼻涕王, which means the “King of Mucus”. There was a period where we went to the TCM regularly and he was really “well” for a few months. No mucus, no snoring. However, when we stopped the regular visits, it came back but we do notice that mucus were significantly lesser, and he appears healthier. Less likely to suffer from “real” flu which he easily catch from his classmates last time. There was also lesser bouts of fever.

The girl has all along been the healthier one. She didn’t “suffer” much even when she started school. I’m not sure if the TCM has helped her build up her immunity.

All in all, comparing the western medicines the kids need to take especially Paracetamol, we would say the amount has reduced significantly since we embark on the natural TCM route.

And recently my Sis and SIL introduced me natural essential oils. I was a little skeptical, however, after trying for a few months I cannot deny it does help. I bought a breathing roll-on for the boy and it does help him sleep better at night. The breathing were lighter. Recently the girl caught a cold, so I had been applying essential oil for her plus some off the shelf TCM medicine, she seems to be on the road of recovery.

Please note that I have nothing against western medicine, it’s just we hope to use it when things get really serious. We want to go the natural way as much as possible. As nobody knows what are the side effects of having so much chemicals in our body.

2015 will be another year of change for us. Chubby will be starting his masters, which means we are less likely to travel for the coming year. Nonetheless, I hope we can continue our road on nature discovery. Maybe explore more nature reserves in Singapore. Or make shorter trips to nearby countries.

There is lesser activity post this year on the blog because the boy had enrichment lessons on both days of the weekend morning. We have decided to take him off one of the classes so we can keep one day of each weekend free. With this hopefully we can do more activities as a family and the boy will have more time for himself. Something which we both believe is healthier for his development. And hopefully that translate to more post on the blog.

So we had a natural 2014 and is embracing the new 2015. How about you?


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