Thoughts: Turning 35

I “celebrated” my 35th birthday a few days ago. Celebrated with inverted commas because there was not much celebration to begin with. It was like any weekend, sending the kids for their classes, going back to my parents place. The only “celebration” we had was a cake cutting at our home as my SIL bought a cake. But the cake cutting was more for the kids as they sat in front of the cake singing loudly and eager to blow the candles.

Am I complaining? Not really. I enjoyed the time I spend with my family. Fancy dinners looks good on social media, but I prefer good food and quality time spent with the husband. Which is why I opt for a bowl of good ramen the day before my birthday and told Chubby to save the money for next time.

35 years old. This officially means I’m no longer “youngster”. Contiki tours will not accept me into their tours. Ah~ I feel particularly old this year.

When I was younger, like much younger, I classify people who is in their 30s as middle age. And I think I will only live to 60 years old. Now that I’m 35, I start to feel 30s is not so old you know. Lol. And now that I have kids, I wish I can live till at least 75 (without much illness)? I do dream of the day where my kids become parents themselves. Ah~ this Mama is dreaming again.

In any case, now that I’m somewhat in my half way mark for my 30s, I like to look back and see how much I have achieve so far. Especially since my big 3 O.

I guess my greatest achievement is to marry Chubby and together we have our lovely kids. They are my greatest joy and motivation in life now. Maybe a little 小女人, but I stopped dreaming about being some 偉人 many years back when I know I don’t have the caliber.

Work wise there was growth and opportunities came but I let it pass as they are not my focus now. Will I regret? Seriously I have no idea. Maybe I will. But at that point I feel I’m not ready and I don’t want the team to suffer with me. The opportunity may not come again, but I think for now I still want to focus on my family. They give me more joy and satisfaction then work. One day the kids will not need me anymore and I may be too old to curve out something for my career. But nonetheless I’m glad I’m somewhat there for my kids formative years. That I’m their dearest and honey. I think this is something I will not regret.

And I’m also reminded that as I grow older so are my parents. I will wish to spend more time with them. But I don’t know how. As we are not a family that is use to do things together. Except maybe to watch TV. I hope maybe in the coming year or next we can go on an overseas trip together. Maybe to visit my cousin in Australia or another in Norway. So before that I gotta save up for the trip!

Birthday wishes? I hope for good health and good wealth for all my love ones and myself.

That’s from the 35 year old me…


3 thoughts on “Thoughts: Turning 35

  1. Happy birthday!!!

    I doubt you will ever regret putting your kids before your career, because at the end of the day they are the top priority in your life! One day you’ll have to retire from your job but you’ll never retire from being their mother 🙂

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