Parents Activity: Interstellar (Movie)

Watching movie is a very common activity that couples in Singapore do. Before the kids came along, we were movie junkies that visited the cinema almost every week. It doesn’t help that Chubby came from the film industry and hence is always on a look out. For me, I go for stories that touches my heart. Like reading a book.

Now with kids, watching movies has become a luxury activity. Hence, we are now more selective of what we watch. And I will like to introduce “Interstellar” for parents out there. The movie is pretty long, coming close to 3 hours, so it’s not something you can sneak out to do while the kids nap. But still I want to introduce this movie because I think parents will really appreciate it.

The movie is set in the future where the resources in the world has become so scarce that people went back to basic. That is farming. Long gone are the dreams of innovations when people can’t even fulfill their basic needs. There is this girl who think there is a “ghost” inside her room and wants to communicate with her. And through the “ghost” her father (an ex Nasa pilot) and her was brought to a secret camp where NASA now resides. The professor invited her father to join in their expedition in search of a new planet that will save human race. The father was reluctant to leave his family behind but eventually agreed because he wanted to leave a better world for his kids. And the show went on to talk about his father expedition.

*Spoiler Alert*
There was a scene that make both Chubby and myself cry. The scene is about how the father arrive at a planet, but due to gravitational force, a minute on the planet is equal to years on earth. The father thought of ways to reduce the time he need to spend on the planet, however, due to some accident they had to stay on the planet for an hour and arrive back at their main spaceship some 23 years (earth time) later.

When the father reached the spaceship, the first thing he did was to watch thru the videos his kids sent him. He saw his boy met his girlfriend, got married and even had their first kid. While he saw that his daughter is now the same age as him. The age where he left.

This scene simply blow up the relativity of time, especially for us parents. Very often we have our own things to do, or own life that we want to lead. We thought we will just be away from the kids for a while. But to the kids, this few minutes or few hours is actually very long. Before you know it, you are missing on some of their milestones.

I’m not suggesting that our life should revolve around the kids that we lose ourselves. But having give life to a being, we must seriously consider what are the priorities. Can certain gathering be re-arrange at a timing where the kids no need you? Can the game that you want to play wait till the kids fall asleep? Can the drama series you want to watch be put on hold just so you can play with the kids while they are awake?

What do you think? Do you have any good tips to help busy parents like us to spend quality time with the kids and yet still have a decent life of our own? Share it with us here.


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