Kluang 2014: UK Argo Farm Review (1)

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Two weekends ago, we went to visit a farm in Malaysia, Kluang. Its call the UK Argo Farm. The verdict? The kids have so much fun that the girl asked why we were not back at the “hotel room” when we reach home. While the boy asked the next day why we came back so early. He hasn’t got chance to feed the goats breakfast and lunch. For me the length of stay was just nice, as we have pretty much completed most of the activities. But kids can be easily satisfied when they want to.

Some background of the getaway. There are two places where you can make your reservation of your stay online. Through their main website or through Agoda. Do note that the prices include the guided tour, some farm activities and 4 meals for your stay. So do specify the correct number of person.

Tip: We booked ours through Agoda although there is no “child” option as we calculated it was cheaper than booking from them directly. And also take note of on-going promotion that Agoda has with the different bank credit cards. We got ours at 7% discount.

My SIL and her friend left for the farm earlier in the day at about 10am, while we set off later as the two kids have enrichment classes that morning. It was a blessing because their friend got turn away at the Malaysia custom as they didn’t realize that their helper from Myanmar needs a visa to enter Malaysia.

Tip: If your helper is from Myanmar, China or India you will need to help them apply visa prior to their entry to Malaysia. They do not have visa-on-arrival service for Burmese and Chinese. Only selected Indians get to have the privilege. So just apply prior the trip to be safe.

Road Trip
We were at the Singapore custom at about 1:30pm on the Saturday. The traffic was pretty smooth and we arrived at the resort at about 3:15pm. Once you exit out of the highway and reach near Jalan Batu Pahat, you will see big signs directing you to the farm. So I think even without a GPS, you can still make it to the farm without getting lost.

Huge road signs along the way leading you to the farm (photo courtesy of my SIL)
Huge road signs along the way leading you to the farm. (Photo Credits: My SIL)

However, do note that there is a 6km drive from Jalan Batu Pahat to the farm. And the drive will be rocky as there is no proper road but muddy paths with stones, pits and bumps. Chubby was driving so slowly that it took us about half an hour to complete the 6km.

Tip: Don’t be silly like us who sent our car for a wash the day before the trip. It will end up very dirty after the 6km drive.

Upon arrival, there are two staff standing at the main lobby or reception area with cups of passion-fruit juice waiting for you. You can drink as many cups as you want. Or at least the girl did. They were quite generous with their servings of passion-fruit juice. The passion fruit juice is produce by the farm itself. A part of the farm is the passion fruit plantation. And they went a step further to process the passion fruits into juices and cordials for visitors to drink and purchase.

The friendly staff at the reception counter talking to my nieces. (Photo Credits: My SIL)
The friendly staff at the reception counter talking to my nieces. (Photo Credits: My SIL)

Behind the friendly staff that serve the juices, is the reception counter. You can do your check-in there and you will be presented with your “goody-bag” and chalet room key. Inside the “goody-bag” are the feeds for the animals and coupons for the stay. The friendly staff at the counter will explain them to you when to use what.

Loi showing the contents of the "goody bag". From left: Goat Feed, Ostrich Feed, Chicken Feed and coupons for feeding the goat milk.
Loi showing the contents of the “goody bag”. From left: Goat Feed, Ostrich Feed, Chicken Feed and coupons for feeding the goat milk.

As we arrive at 3+pm, the reception staff recommended us to go to the “restaurant” area at the back to have our tea-break while waiting for the 4pm guided tour to start. She say we can leave our luggage in the car and drive down to the chalet area after the tour which will end at around 6pm.

Tip: As you read, the chalet area is a short drive from the main lobby. So there is no need to bring out the luggage from the car until you are outside your chalet.

The tea-break is part of the package for the stay. The day we were there, the tea-break consist of muffins and cakes made from goat milk, green-bean soup and tea. I tried the muffins and you can’t really taste the “goat-smell”, so for those who are afraid of the smell, it’s rather “safe” to eat.

That’s all for the part 1 now. We will cover on the guided tour in the next post. Stay tuned!

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