Talkative Kids: 2nd Quarter 2014

I’m starting to enjoy talking to my son as he can now hold a proper conversation and is able to express his thoughts well. I love the imagination that come from the little brain of his. It’s always full of surprises. Here are some conversations with him recently.

Fire in Sky and Sea
The boy class is teaching about occupations that help keep them “safe”. Naturally, Fire Fighters is one of the occupation in discussion. The school organized a field trip to visit the fire station on one of the Saturday. Prior to the visit, the teachers conducted some activity with them and asked them if they have any questions for the fire fighters. And the following conversation ensued.

Classmate: 天上如果著火了, 怎麼辦? (What happens if there is fire in the sky?)
Zai: 天上沒有火. 那是太陽. (There is no fire in the sky. It’s the sun.)
Teacher: 那海裡有火嗎? (Is there fire in the sea?)
Zai: 海裡的火是lava. (The fire in the sea is call lava.)

The teacher is very surprise by the answer the boy gave, so she told Chubby when he picked him up that day. My oh my, how creative my boy can be. I’m actually quite surprise that he will relate “sea of fire” to lava. And Chubby told me, that’s because he love watching Chubby play with Minecraft.

Parents with more than 1 kid will understand that the kids fight every day, including ours. One night, Chubby sat the boy down and tried to tell him some serious matters.

Chubby: Zai, you are GorGor, you must learn to take care of MeiMei.
Zai… no reaction.
Chubby: One day, Daddy and Mummy is going die. We will not be around. You as the GorGor have to help look after MeiMei.
Zai… no reaction.
Chubby: You know the meaning of die?
Zai *excitedly*: Yes. Its when you cook in the jungle and the enemy airplane will spot you and bombard the area. And you die, I die, everybody die!

Don’t understand the joke? Watch the video below.

I told Chubby this is the result of rubbish video he is exposing my boy to. LOL.

Who should we help?
One night I was alone at home with the boy and we were just talking. I can’t exactly remember how the conversation steered towards an animation he recently watched on YouTube. There was 3 small stories in the video and is about team work. The first story is about how the ants work together to form a big ball to prevent themselves from being eaten by the ant eater. The 2nd story is about how the crab work together to snap off all the feathers of a seagull to prevent it from eating them. The last story I can’t really remember. So I started asking…

Me: So who should we help? I think I want to help the seagull.
Zai: No! We should help the crab!
Me: But why? Seagull are so pretty.
Zai: But the Seagull is going to eat the crab.
Me: But you also eat meat right?
Zai: But.. But… But.. crab help us build sand castle.
(Can someone enlighten me why crab help to build sand castle? My guess is he saw some illustration where the kids put a crab at the top of the sand castle together with a flag.)
Me: Ok. How about the ants and the pangolin. Who should we help?
Zai: The ants.
Me: But I thought you don’t like ants? You kill them when you see them right? And GuGu doesn’t like ants.
Zai: But.. But… But… the ants are not at our home.

I’m not sure if I’m training his reasoning skills and creativity or teaching him how to come out with good excuses the next time he is up to no good. LOL.

Mr Clever
The boy is into Mr Men and Little Miss these day and he has the habit of playing with his belly button when he drinks his milk or need to fall asleep. This happened one night when the lights were off, the boy was in bed drinking his milk while MeiMei who has already finished her milk was disturbing everybody. And suddenly, Chubby on the lights to find out what the girl is doing.

Chubby: MeiMei, don’t disturb Mr Bellybutton. He is drinking his milk.
Zai: No. I’m Mr Clever. I hide to play with my bellybutton, so you all can’t see. All the things I do are so clever. So I’m Mr Clever.

Well… my boy. Indeed you know how to hide and play with your bellybutton. But you know, Mummy and Daddy are not Mr or Miss Silly. We know what is going underneath the blanket, in the dark or under your shirt.

I wonder what goes on inside the little brain of his...
I wonder what goes on inside the little brain of his…

How about you? Did you had any funny conversations with your kids recently? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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