Review: NoQ Store with Discount Code

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As a reader myself, I’m quite happy that I manage to instill reading as a habit for both my kids. The boy is the real reader who is open to different genre of books while the girl is more attracted to books that is related to what she sees on TV. The boy could also be seen sitting/standing at a corner and flipping through his books as if he is “reading”.

We borrowed regularly from the library. But being a book lover myself, I also can’t stop myself from buying books both online and through brick and mortar shops. So imagine my happiness when NoQ Store send me some vouchers for a review.

The books came nicely wrapped in brown paper and in a fitting box. So there was little damage to it. I hate books with dented corners (Ok, my OCD Self).
The books came nicely wrapped in brown paper and in a fitting box. So there was little damage to it. I hate books with dented corners (Ok, my OCD Self).

What I Like

  • Wide variety of titles
    I was very impressed with the titles that they carried. I have issues looking for the girl favorite “Maisy Mouse” books at the library and in the shops. It seems that the title they carry are similar. However, I found more different titles from NoQ Store!
  • Cheaper prices
    I have wanted to introduce the boy to “The Berenstain Bear”, so I have been looking around for it. After price comparison, I notice that the price on NoQ store was about 2 dollar cheaper than what I saw in the shops. Well, Mummies just have to spend money wisely right?
  • Easy to navigate website
    I find the website easy to navigate too. I like the section on the best sellers so I can see what some of the other kids are reading. Apart from that, when I choose a main category (e.g. Children’s Books), it open up into more sub-categories. And even sub-categories by age, which I think will be helpful for new parents.

What can be improved

  • Delivery Time
    The only thing that needed improvement is the delivery time. I think the books took about 2 weeks plus to arrive at my home. My guess is, they only purchase the books from the publisher after an order is make. So they need time to wait for it to arrive at their store. Hence, the long “delivery” time. Nonetheless, for a prudent Mummy like me, I’m willing to wait in order to get things at a cheaper price. Well, give and take, ya?

So the next time you are looking for books, consider giving NoQ store a visit and save some money, which means you could probably buy a few more books with the same amount of money. 🙂

Good news for readers. NoQ store has also given me a discount code that can be use on their website and you get 15% off your purchase (discount on already cheap price)! Just quote “THELITTLEMOM” at checkout. The discount code is valid till 31 Aug 2014. Have fun buying and reading.

*Disclaimer: I received some vouchers from NoQ store for the purpose of this review. The kids are the happiest cause I do the work and they get new books. But I did get Nick Vujicic “Give Me A Hug” for myself just to feel more balance. In the end the boy fell in love with that book. More on that in another post.

All opinions are 100% my own.


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