Indoor Fun: KidsSTOP Science Centre Singapore Review (Part 2)

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored review

In the previous entry, I introduced some of the zones in the new Children Science Centre, KidsSTOP. Here are more zones that Zai and Loi enjoyed.

Toddler Area
Toddlers are also not left out at KidsSTOP. There is a dedicated Toddler Area for them. The floors are very well cushioned and there is a barrier to prevent them from climbing out. Inside the area, there are some toys to engage their sensory play and lots of big soft lego blocks for them to stack. There is even a “cave” at a corner, where the toddlers can hide out. Or they can take a walk or play peek-a-boo under the rainbow like what Loi did.

My big toddler still enjoys playing at the toddler area, which looks less 'scary' to her.
My big toddler still enjoys playing at the toddler area, which looks less ‘scary’ to her.

Play Structure
If you have kids who can’t stop moving, there is also a very big Play Structure at the end of the main area. The play structure is about 2 stories high and I heard there is a “music” area at the top of it. The boy certainly had a fun time climbing and crawling around. And not to worry, Chubby has help stress test for parents. The structure took his weight (plus many other kids and parents all at the same time), well. So if you are worried that your kids will be lost in the structure, you can join them. A good form of workout for us too.

Contrary to MeiMei, Zai is a risk taker.
Contrary to MeiMei, Zai is a risk taker.

Kiddie Theatre
This section is away from the main area. You need to walk pass the main area, follow the signs in order to reach this section.

This section is where Loi had her fun. There is a little stage where there is instruments available for them to play, complete with a microphone. And a TV that allow them to select the songs they want to sing and it’s a karaoke session.

Other kids can also role play as the camera and stage crew. They have 3 video cameras setup which allows the kids to video the stage. The video of all 3 cameras will be piped to the control area and the kid who role play there can choose which camera to display on the TV. Besides, he can also control the stage lighting and add in special effects to the final video on display. Doesn’t it sound cool and fun? I wish I had these when I was a kid.

See my future rockers!
See my future rockers!

At the other side of the room, there is an area that allow the kids to stand in front of a “green” screen and select the scene he want to role play in, complete with props for them to dress up. Zai started with wearing the raincoat and acting as a weatherman. Afterwhich, he turn into a superhero and was later “diving” in the water. He insist on bringing the gun with him to shoot at the shark. He had such a fun time watching himself in the “TV”.

The boy enjoy looking at himself in the "TV" and "interacting" with it.
The boy enjoy looking at himself in the “TV” and “interacting” with it.

Puzzle and Sensory
Linked to the theatre room, there is an area for puzzle and sensory play. There are magnetic shapes at one side of the wall, and some sample pictures that you can form with the shapes. The only thing is with so many shapes, it can be quite difficult for the younger kids to look for the particular shape that they need.

Lego Duplo and Puzzles for the builder. And green bean for sensory play.
Lego Duplo and Puzzles for the builder. And green bean for sensory play.

In the center of the room, there is a big round area that contains many green beans and some small containers in different shapes. Sensory play without having to worry about packing up needs to be given special mention (LOL). Although its simple setup, both the kids did spend a good amount of time there, feeling the beans, filling up the containers and transferring them from containers to containers.

The zones covered in this two part review, is not all there is at KidsSTOP. There are more areas that we didn’t have time to venture in within the short 2 hours. So we will definitely be back.

If you have been there before, share with us more here. If you haven’t, tell us what you think about this place. TIA.

Here are the details (again).

  • Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Science Centre Singapore (Next to Omni Theatre)
  • Charges: Public – Child $20, Adult $10. (Members: 30% off for 1 Child and 1 Adult)
  • Membership: $30 for 1 year (2 years if sign up before 5 Jun 31 May 2014 [I was told by a reader that they changed the cut off date to 31 May, though I was previously told 5 June. My apologies for those we missed the ‘deadline’.]). Entitles to 1 free entry for 1 Adult and 1 Child.
  • Website:

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid or sponsored review. I paid for the $30 membership for each child from my own pocket to get to this free preview. All opinions are 100% my own.


16 thoughts on “Indoor Fun: KidsSTOP Science Centre Singapore Review (Part 2)

      1. Thanks! If only they allowed us to get membership online — will have to make a trip there soon. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog too 🙂 -Mei

  1. Following your first review, I called to ask if there are any more preview, and they said no. No online membership application too. Seems like I can’t make an early bird registration. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I am surprised that your Part 2 reveals so much more play area! I wonder if they limit number of pax inside, I am sure it will be super crowded in the June hols! 🙂

    1. Oh, so sad to hear. I think I was quite lucky to “catch” the free preview. So the only way to sign up now is to pay Science Centre a visit. Oh, if only they allow online registration.

      Yup, the area is really huge. I was quite impress with the main area already until I walk further in and found out other areas. They even have space to for a party room within the main area. And I also found a kids lab at the other area which was still under “renovation” on the day of the preview. And another room which I believe can hold cooking classes for the kids. I can’t wait for them to hold some workshops there. 😛

  2. Was disappointed, we went there to apply for the two years membership today. But was told that the closing date for the offer was 31st May and not on 5th Jun as stated here.

    1. Hi yliketat,

      I’m so sorry. I was previously told the offer was till 5th June. I think they make a change of plans. Thanks for informing, I will amend the post accordingly. Thanks and apologies.

  3. Wanted to bring my kids there, but am thinking it should be pretty crowded during the June holidays. Looks like a fun place to go! Will have to head there with the kiddos one of these days…

  4. Looks really fun. We went there today, but it was so crowded, and already full house for the first session, so in the end we didn’t go…. Next time then….

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Indeed the kids enjoyed themselves. We were there yesterday again, but like you the first session was full. Guess we have to arrive at the start of each session in order to make it into the playground.

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