Indoor Fun: KidsSTOP Science Centre Singapore Review (Part 1)

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored review

Science Centre Singapore is launching a new Children Science Centre, KidsSTOP, for children between 18 months to 8 years old. We manage to go for a preview, before the official opening in June.

Kids STOP, Children Science Centre by Science Centre Singapore
Kids STOP, Children Science Centre by Science Centre Singapore

Before the preview, I thought KidsSTOP will be like KidZania where the kids will be guided to work in different occupation. However, I was wrong, it’s more like an indoor playground with lots of pretend play and science facts added to enable learn through play.

The area is really huge and is divided into many zone. There is the “Seasons” zone, which teaches the four season. The “Small World”, that allows the kids to “pluck” flowers and plant them back. In “Nature” zone, there are binoculars that allow the kids to look around and find the animals or insects on the ceiling or pillar painting. There is also a zone with a mock-up airplane, that allow the kids to become pilot and it come equip with the uniform. These are the zones that Zai and Loi didn’t spend much time in (LOL). Below are what really attracted them.

The Supermarket
The supermarket zone provide kids size trolley and basket to allow the kids to do “shopping”. There are many products that the kids can buy. Ranging from “raw” fish, vegetables and fruits to packed food like milk, chocolates, rice and “frozen” French fries.

After they make the purchase, they can proceed to the cashier, which can be role played by another kid, to pay. What I like is the cash register actually emits sound when you press on the button. It’s just a pity that the cash drawer cannot be opened and the barcode scanner is just a mock-up.

The Supermarket at Kids STOP is very well stocked.
The Supermarket at Kids STOP is very well stocked.

At a corner of The Supermarket zone, there is a TV with a scanner that allow the kids to scan the product on the shelves and a short clip explaining how the food is produced will be played on the screen. In the picture above, you see Loi watching the “making of French Fries”.

The Café
This zone is conveniently located next to the Supermarket. Much like allowing you to buy the products from the supermarket to cook at the café (I did see a boy push his trolley from the supermarket zone to here). There is a stove with 4 pots, a sink for the kids to do “wash up”, a fridge and lots of utensils. If you don’t mind, there are chef uniform for the kids to don on while they “cook”.

Loi is cooking up a storm!
Loi is cooking up a storm!

Human Body
As the zone name suggest, this zone is for the kids to act like Doctors and Radiologist. There is a (I-think) life-size patient on the operation table that need the little doctors’ attention. Tongs, stethoscope and other (toy) equipment are available to perform the job.

Learning is again brought into this corner, by allowing the kids to fix some bones and organs back into the patient. Under each bone or organ, the name of the part is written in English, so kids can learn the proper name of the bone or organ while playing.

Loi checking on the feet(?) of the patient.
Loi checking on the feet(?) of the patient.

At one side of the wall, there are “X-Rays” of human and animal bodies, so kids can place it over the X-Ray view boxes to see it. On the other side of the wall, there are little “cupboards” that introduces different senses. I remember seeing a huge “tongue” in one of the cupboard, which gave Loi a little scare. And a few that comes with “smell”. Erm… Recommended to try smelling if you don’t mind weird smells (LOL).

Dino Pit
Sand pit + Dinosaur fossils must be every Dino loving boy dream. So imagine the excitement of our boy. Basically, this zone is a sand pit play area with a dinosaur fossil being “buried” inside. So young archaeologist are given tools like spades and even brush to “dig” out the fossils and clean it up.

Fossils! Young archaeologist at work.
Fossils! Young archaeologist at work.

There was crowd control when we were there at the preview. Only 6 kids are allowed at one time and each session last for 10 minutes. So if there is a lot of kids, you may need to queue. Oh, they were quite nice to provide brushes to brush away the sand on the kids’ feet. But erm, the brush just got pass around without cleaning. So you decide if you want to use it.

Built Environment
This is like a construction site. There are wheel burrows and “bags of cement” which the kids can transfer from place to place. At a corner, there is work bench for the young to “fix things up”. Again, uniforms and helmets are available for the kids to don on should they be interested.

The cement is actually "bean bag".
The cement is actually “bean bag”.

There are also 2 toy excavator around that allow the kids to do some digging. It’s a pity these excavator are not at the sand pit, which will make the play more real. However, our boy did try using the excavator to pick up the balls that rolled from the zone next to it.

Sounds Fun? The kids definitely enjoyed their 2 hours trial. The boy was very reluctant to go and we had to tell him multiple times that they are closing before he is willing to step out of the area. So if you are keen, here are the details.

  • Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Science Centre Singapore (Next to Omni Theatre)
  • Charges: Public – Child $20, Adult $10. (Members: 30% off for 1 Child and 1 Adult)
  • Membership: $30 for 1 year (2 years if sign up before 5 Jun 31 May 2014 [I was told by a reader that they changed the cut off date to 31 May, though I was previously told 5 June. My apologies for those we missed the ‘deadline’.]). Entitles to 1 free entry for 1 Adult and 1 Child.

This is part 1 of the review. In the next review, I will cover a few other zones that the kids have fun in. So stay tuned.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid or sponsored review. I paid for the $30 membership for each child from my own pocket to go for this preview. All opinions are 100% my own.


8 thoughts on “Indoor Fun: KidsSTOP Science Centre Singapore Review (Part 1)

    1. Hi finallymama,

      I have seen babies at the preview but not sure if it is because it’s a preview that’s why he is allowed in. But the recommended age is 18mths to 8 years old. Let us know how it went if u go. 🙂

    1. The preview was for members only. U can try to contact Science Ctr to see if they have anymore previews? You can sign up on the spot to be a member if they still have. The preview is free. Meaning you still keep the free entry after the official launch. Quite worth it.

  1. Interesting place. Though I think the membership terms n admission details are screwed up.
    – membership is for 1 child n 1 specific adult. Why the need for that when both still have to pay $21 for admission
    – and for kids so young, adults Def needs to go in. Had initially thot the admission fee covers 1 child n 1 accompanying parent similar to indoor playground concepr
    – and lastly after signing up members, kidsstop only now announces that members are not allowed to enter in the mornings.

    1. Hi Glenda,

      Yup indeed the place is interesting. I think the membership is purely for u to get discount. Since the membership is “free” since your first entry is the same price, i think it’s ok. But I agree that the entrance fee is not exactly “cheap”.
      I didn’t know the members are not allowed to enter in the morning. Thanks for informing. 🙂

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