Talkative Kids: 1st Quarter 2014

The funny conversations we had with the kids in the first quarter of 2014.

There is a café near the kids’ enrichment school that sells really yummy gelato. The first time I brought the kids there I told them this…

Me: Zai, you cannot tell MaaMaa that we came to eat ice-cream ok? This is a secret among us.
Zai: Ok!

As we got home, the boy was very excited and exclaimed loudly while he is walking through the door.
Zai: Auntie! Auntie! I tell you… Just now I go eat ice-cream. It’s a secret! Cannot tell MaaMaa.

I almost fainted there. Cause MaaMaa was just sitting beside Auntie.

The setup in our room is such that we have a super-single size mattress beside our queen size bed. I sleep there every night with Loi, while the boys got the big queen size bed. One night, the girl decides she wants to sleep with Daddy and so Zai came down to sleep with me.

After coming down, he realize that his space has gotten relatively smaller. I tried to disturb him further by sleeping at the center of the bed. The boy started to grumble and when he saw that I have no reaction, the dramatic boy crawled to the edge of the mattress on his side, and slide half his body in the gap between the mattress and the queen size bed.

Zai: MeeMee, no space. I will kiap!

I think he meant to say he will be “kiap” (squashed) by the mattress and bed. I think that is the few “hokkien” words that he speaks.

Food Source
We were at the Penguin Parade in Phillip Island Australia waiting for the penguins to come ashore. The volunteer there was explaining why the Penguins only come up when the sky is getting dark. Curious but couldn’t quite understand what the volunteer was saying, Zai asked me what they are talking about.

Zai: MeeMee, what is he saying.
Me: Oh, the man is saying the penguins stayed in the water in the morning and afternoon. When the skies get dark, they will come back up to go home.
Zai: Why?
Me: Because, in the morning there will be big eagles flying in the sky. They will eat the penguins when they see them.
Zai: Why the eagle will eat the penguin?
Me: Cause penguin is their food. Just like why you eat chicken.
Zai: But I don’t eat chicken on the floor.

I think its time I bring him to a kampong to see the rearing of the chicken and then killing it for food. LOL, of course I’m joking.

This happened in Australia too. We were walking out of the supermarket, and the boy was playing with a magnetic board that belongs to his cousin. The cousin wanted to take it back as we were going to our own car. Apparently, the boy doesn’t want to return, the cousin snatched, my MIL who was with them stepped in and scolded his cousin. So back in the car, the boy was still crying and complaining.

Zai: MeeMee, DaBiaoJie don’t want to lend me the board. She snatch from me.
Me: Ok. MaaMaa already scolded her right? Plus, the board is hers.
Zai: But I want to play. *Starts sobbing*
Me: Ok. Are you feeling very sad now?
(Applying the concept I learn online to calm your child)
Zai: Yes.
Me: Ok. So is there anything I can do for you?
Zai *thinks for a while*: You know you know… You know what will make me happy?
Me: What?
Zai: The iPad and the iPhone

*Faints*. The boy certainly know how to take advantage of situation. FYI, much as I’m tempted to give him the iPad or iPhone, we stop ourselves and reason out the situation with him instead.

The kids are always fighting for books and toys (what’s new?). So I have learned to tell them that the books and toys belong to me as I paid for it. I’m just lending it to them to read or play. The boy got it, while the girl, being younger, is still trying to grab the concept.

Loi: This is MY book! *Snatches book from GorGor*
Me: Loi, Mummy paid for the book. So this book belongs to me. I’m just lending you the book to read.
Loi: This is MINE!
Me: Loi, again, this is Mummy’s book. I paid for it *takes book from her*. Which book is yours (that you paid for)?
Loi: Neh. In your hand.

You got to be very precise when talking to kids. I didn’t state clearly that the book is “paid for” by her and I’m beaten.


Hope you enjoyed the funny moments. Do you have any funny conversation with your kids recently? Share with us!

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3 thoughts on “Talkative Kids: 1st Quarter 2014

    1. Hi angangelia,

      Glad that it put some smile on your face. Yes you should record them, they are so funny at this kind of age. It will serve as very good memories. 🙂

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