Book Review: What the ladybird heard

At the beginning of the year, I brought home a catalog for this year KidsFest and asked the boy to choose the shows he wanted to watch. I thought he would choose “We Are Going on a Bear Hunt” which is a story he is familiar with. However, he “studied” the posters and told me he wanted to watch “What the ladybird heard”.

Although we have read a few of Julia Donaldson book, we have never read this book before. But since the boy insisted, we went along. And we were glad that the boy made a terrific choice. The show was really good as they make “everyday things” into the farm animals. Both the kids enjoyed the show so much that they kept singing the songs from the play after that. I manage to find a promo video of the show on Youtube.

Last week when we visited the library, we finally manage to get our hands on one copy!

"What the ladybird heard" board book version for emergent reader.
“What the ladybird heard” board book version.

The story talks about a farm that has a hen, a goose, a duck, a horse, a hog, a sheep, a dog, two cats, a fine prize cow and a ladybird that says never a word. One day two men decides to come and steal the fine prize cow. The ladybird overheard their plan, and she came out with a brilliant plan to stop the men from stealing the cow.

Here is what we like about the book:

  • The kids loves the “sound” the animals make. It helps that the play converted it into a catchy song.
    And the cow says "Moo Moo Moo" The kids sings along when we reach pages with the animal sounds.
    And the cow says “Moo Moo Moo”
    The kids sings along when we reach pages with the animal sounds.
  • They also love looking for the ladybird throughout the book. She can be quite difficult to find in some pages.
    "Ladybird, ladybird, where are you?" Can you spot the ladybird in this page?
    “Ladybird, ladybird, where are you?”
    Can you spot the ladybird in this page?
  • I like that the book teaches the sound the animals make (although both my kids are too old for that) and directions, e.g. left, right, round the pond which is what we are teaching Zai (4 y.o) now.
  • We also love the bright and colorful drawings. And if you look at the details, you can have some funny discussion with the kids. Like Zai noticed the “poo poo” on the ground which he later observed that the bad men stepped on. We exaggerated that part, and had a fun time doing some pretend play.

On a side note, while in Australia, we kept singing this song when we see the farm animals and its poo poo. One day, Zai decided to change the lyrics to:
“And the cow says ‘poo poo poo’, and the hen says ‘poo poo poo’, ‘poo’ says the goose, ‘poo’ says the duck, ‘poo’ says the horse riding over the mud. ‘Poo’ says the hog, ‘Poo’ says the sheep, ‘Poo’ says the dog who’s falling asleep. One cat ‘poo’ while the other one ‘poo poo’. And the ladybird says… ‘Ha Ha Ha Ha’”.

If you want some fun reading time with your toddler, you can consider reading this book with them. The details of the book are as follows:

  • Author: Julia Donaldson
  • Illustrator: Lydia Monks
  • Call Number: English DON

Have you read this book before? Share with us what are your thoughts on the book. Or you have any other book that you think is suitable for Zai and Loi (2.5 y.o.), share with me here too!

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: What the ladybird heard

  1. I love Julia Donaldson books. I haven’t seen this in the library yet, maybe it’s too popular and always on loan. Usually when I go to the library, I borrow all those under this author which are not many. Her illustrations and story are interesting. Another good author which you might already know is Oliver Jeffers. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, I have been looking for this book since beginning of the year after the play. But couldn’t find it. Was thinking of buying it already, but didn’t manage to find the time and viola, it was just there when we were at the library that day. I think I was more excited than the kids. Hahaha. Cause its money saving for me.

      Yup, I have heard about him, but has yet to read his books yet. My kids keep wanting to borrow the same book from the library that I had a hard time trying to introduce new books to them. Each time, I only manage to slip in one or two new books. So yah, I may try Oliver Jeffers next.

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