Parents Only Activity: Phantom Joker Escape Review

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to introduce more activities for parents to fit into their busy schedule. One good activity that I recently did with Chubby was “Escape the Room” at “Phantom Joker Escape”. Sorry for the lack of photos as we aren’t allowed to bring any belongings into the room.

Why “Escape the Room” for Busy Parents?
Apart from the fact that “Escape the Room” is the “in” thing, here are two reasons why I think “Escape the Room” is for Busy Parents.

  • Time for each game is short.
    You are often given only 1 hour to “escape” out of the room. Once time is up, you will be ushered out of the room even if you can’t “escape”. As such, planning of schedule is easier. For example, you can slip out of the house while the kids are taking their afternoon nap to play the game, and be back when the kids are about to wake up.
  • Work together as a couple/team.
    This is not a single player game. You will need to work as a team to find your way out. Who is better to play with than your partner? Of course, you can still call along a few more friends to increase your chance of escaping. As we all know, bonds get build when we work together to have a common goal. So for a while, apart from the kids, you have another common goal to work towards to. Isn’t it great?

Why “Phantom Joker Escape”?
I must first disclaim that I wasn’t paid by “Phantom Joker Escape” for this review and I have no ties with them. The main reason why we chose “Phantom Joker Escape” was because it is near our place. But after playing there, here is my take on why “Phantom Joker Escape” is a good place.

  • Story Base.
    Unlike most “Escape the Room”, the “Phantom Joker Escape” has a very strong story line. (You can read more about them here.) Maybe because I’m a sucker for story, I find the whole game play is more interesting in this way. But on another note, this makes me want to go back and play the next episode. Sounds good, but not so friendly on our pockets.
  • Uses lots of technology.
    Ok, I don’t have lots of experience playing “Escape the Room”. The other experience I had was in KL (which calls for another post on its own). What I realize is that, they uses more “high-tech” things in “Phantom Joker Escape”. The “high-tech” stuff makes the game play quite cool. But there are instances where the “high-tech” stuff fails. I can’t say more as I don’t want this post to be a spoiler.
  • More than just puzzles.
    I have completed only the 1st episode at “Phantom Joker Escape”. But in that episode, my agility was required apart from my brains. So another factor to make the game more fun!
  • Allows online booking without charge.
    The website of “Phantom Joker Escape” allows checking of their schedule and make a booking online. So you don’t have to make wasted trips. Besides, there is no booking fee and there isn’t a need to prepay while doing the booking. Cool right?


  • Location: 146 Neil Road Singapore 088875 (Nearest MRT: Outram NEL)
  • Operating Hours: 1st Game starts at 12:30pm , Last game starts at 9:45pm
  • Pricing: $22 on Weekday and $28 on Weekends

Have you played at “Phantom Joker Escape” before? If so, what are your thoughts? Or have you played in other “Escape the Room” in Singapore? Feel free to share with us here.

*Disclaimer: I didn’t receive anything in exchange for this post. No monetary no free entry. In fact, I paid the $28 myself to play at “Phantom Joker Escape”. All opinions are 100% my own.


6 thoughts on “Parents Only Activity: Phantom Joker Escape Review

  1. Cool. Sounds like sth my hubs would like. May try it for his bday.

    On a separate and totally unrelated note to escape the room. I find you blog banner very arresting. What does it means? Paiseh, newbie here, i do not intend to sound silly but… too curious. Share leh. :))

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