I’m finally out of my “maintenance” mode and can start blogging. My apologies if I flooded your RSS feeds these few weeks while I’m doing all the re-categorizing and re-tagging.

So now introducing you the new I have changed the theme and finally re-wrote my cannot-make-it About page (though I think it still cannot make it). I hope you like the new design.

I have also thought through the focus of this blog during the few weeks of maintenance. I guess the focus of my blog will now be on Fun Activities for the family. It can be with the kids or without. For example, my effort to mark playgrounds all over Singapore in Play@SG is part of the fun activities with the kids. Reading with the kids or for personal enjoyment is also a fun activity. So you will still expect some more book reviews coming along the way. It seems like my Fun Activities cover a broad spectrum. Haha. That is my way of playing cheat. I just hope I can cover more Parents only activities. So if you have any suggestion, please share with me.

With the focus changing to be more family oriented, I pluck out my courage and privatize all my blog posts before Zai was born. And that amount to 1000 over posts spanning across 6 years. Except for the very very first blog post I made.

Nonetheless, I hope you have enjoy reading so far, and will continue to support me. 🙂


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