Thoughts: SMB Blogger Event 2014

I think I was very fortunate to attend the SMB Blogger Event 2014. This event was organized by Christy, and members from the SMB were invited to the event.

At first, I was a little apprehensive about going for the event as I’m shy by nature and is not comfortable in a group setting. Especially if the group consist of people who already knew each other. But the topic really interest me and I want to know more about blogging. And I’m glad I did take the step to go. I learned a lot from the workshop and is full of awe for some Mummies (They put an IT personnel like me to shame).

I learned about the differences between categories and tags. Apparently I have been doing it all wrong. And more likely I have done it the opposite way. In a nutshell, categories should be broad while tags should give more details. I remember the time and effort I took to organize my categories years back, now I need to do again *cries*. So be warned, if you receive a whole list of updates from my RSS feed, please ignore them as I’m likely just changing the tags and categories.

I also learned about finding my voice. I have to admit at some point in time, I did change my writing style to make myself “sound” more funny in the hope of attracting more readership. Yes, I have learned to be myself, and now I’m still rethinking what are the pillars for my blog, i.e what am I going to focus on.

And of course, I got to understand Google Analytics better. Page views are easy to understand, but I get to know this thing call bounce rate. I also found out that feed reading does not add to your page view. Now I know why some blogger only had partial post in their feeds. Much as I’m tempted to do the same, but as a reader myself, I do know the frustration of having partial post in feeds. And they do result in me deleting the subscription. So, nope I’m not changing to partial post. So please help me to know that you are reading by commenting on my post when it interest you? Or a simple like will do fine. Thanks.

Of course a lot of the information shared that day can be found online. However, they provided a good entry point for me, and motivated me to write better and rethink the direction for my blog. So Thank You Christy for organizing this and the fellow Mom bloggers who shared your valuable knowledge that day (Rachel, Chrystal and Dominique). I had an enjoyable time and learn lots.

P.S. We were told to reduce an event post. Erm I just flouted the rule.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts: SMB Blogger Event 2014

  1. Ha! Reading from WP reader, I wonder if that adds to page view! I gained lots from the event too. It was just awesome and I think it prompted many to think abt their blogging purpose and how to improve. I think it’s never too late to realize and improve things. I particular love the WP community and of course the awesome SMB community too. Motivates me lots when I read heartfelt comments. You are one of those readers 🙂 For blog content, I love reading parenting tips and your book reviews. Keep it up! So you are IT personnel! I think many will want to know how you set up GA for! Can’t wait for your tutorial :p I am sure my other blogger friends around the world will love to know. I’ll be glad to share your post in my blog 🙂

    1. Hi Christy,

      Nope, reading thru WP reader doesn’t add to page view, it’s the same as RSS feed thingy.

      Yes, I love to read the comments too. And thanks for leaving comments here. Haha parenting tips I’m limited. Book reviews is something I never give up though I’m slowing down a lot there already. Thanks for the feedback!

      Oh you are stressing me on the GA thing. Haha. I see if I have time to squeeze in a post on that by next week. Cause I may want to do my own housekeeping first. 😛

      Glad to see you at the workshop too. Hope there are more to come!

  2. This is a wonderful summary of the workshop! You are fast learner;).

    Btw, sorry that I didn’t get the chance to say hello in person. Hope to see you again:)

  3. I too am not for partical feed that’s why I also use a full feed for my blog but I do put my copyrights and disclaimers into each post that I write out. Glad that you found the SMB event beneficial 🙂

    1. Hi Dominique,

      Thanks for the comment. Hmm, yes, thanks for the reminder to add in copyright and disclaimer in all post, since the reader may not be reading off your blog. And I haven’t even setup my disclaimer page yet looks like I have tones of homework to do. Ha.

      The event definitely show me more insights to blogging. Thanks for the willingness to share.

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