Letter to my 4 y.o Boy

Hi Zai,

Time flies, you are now a 4 y.o. “Big Boy” already. This year has been a rather wonderful year for you. You are generally healthier and of course your learning has increased leaps and bounds.

Your Chinese has improved tremendously after we put you in enrichment classes and you are less afraid of us talking to you in Chinese. Mummy always marvel at how you had such good memories that you can recognize the words that you learn each week in class. Mummy hope that you will continue to use such skills as your progress in life.

You have a sensitive personality and gets upset easily when things aren’t going the way you want it to be. My son this is how reality works. Not everyone will listen to you and not everything will be smooth sailing. Nonetheless, we should still do the best in whatever we set out or are task to do. Upset is unavoidable, but it’s important to learn to get over it and pick up something good from there. You may be a little to young to understand now but Mummy hope she can guide you properly along the way.

You still fight a lot with your little sis. But Mummy knows you still love her deep in your hearts. The way you protected your sis when she started school shows it all. Mummy likes how you two sleep together in school during your afternoon nap. You are the big brother, you have a natural responsibilities to take care of your younger siblings, so Mummy hope to see more “big brother” in you soon.

Sometimes you progress so fast in your learning that Mummy miss the “baby” in you. But sometimes you throw such a tantrum that Mummy remembers that you are just a 4 y.o. But Mummy have seen you control more these days. There were lots of cases where MeiMei irritates or even hit you. You were so tempted to retaliate, but you chose to hit the pillow or bite your tongue instead. Thanks for your self-control.

Mummy is also happy that you are finally toilet trained. There are still accidents when you are too engross in your play. But you generally can go to the toilet when you need to. And you usually run there cause it’s always very last minute. But it’s a good progress. And even at night you are off diapers, which Mummy is very relief as Mummy does not know how to do toilet training for night. You spare Mummy the agony of waking up at night to ask you to go pee. For that Mummy is extremely grateful.

For the improvements, that is with your homework. We had a first taste of doing homework last Sunday. Let’s just say it’s a torture for both of us. Mummy know you cannot stand boring sit down stuff. Coloring is such a boring thing. However, my son, we don’t really have a choice. As you get older, more homework is going to come. And there will be things you like, things you don’t. You just got to suck it up and do it. The same happen when you are at work. So Mummy hope that you can learn this soon and it will be easier for both of us.

Ok, Mummy has written too much. All in all, Mummy is very thankful to have a son like you. You are smiley, funny, loving and generally well behaved (most time). Mummy wish you better health and better personal development in the coming years.

Love you always,

Happy 4th Birthday, Zai!
Happy 4th Birthday, Zai!

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