Activity: Dish Washing

Sometime last year I read about how a Mummy had a washing and foam play with her little girl. I thought that was a pretty simple and fun game for Loi (24 mths at time of play) too. But I knew my MIL will never approve of me setting up such a foam play in our living room or even in the kitchen. So I tried setting up in the bathroom with their bath tub. But upon seeing the tub, the girl insist on taking off her clothes and jump in to play. A few days later, I finally found a solution.

Its fun and keeps the toys clean!
Its fun and keeps the toys clean!

I found a little yellow water tub which is too small for the girl to go in and fits nicely in our little bathroom. I threw in some toy utensils and a bath sponge. I invited the girl to play and had her put on a bib in case she got herself wet. Without a need to provide any instructions, the girl know what to do. She took the sponge and tried to “clean” up the utensils, but she found the sponge a little too big and ended up just washing with her hands (I guess she has been observing how our helper is doing the dishes).

Scooping and pouring water into the cup.
Scooping and pouring water into the cup.

Luckily I provided a teapot and a cup among the utensils. Cause after a while the girl got tired and started scooping water with the teapot and pours them into the cup. She spend a good 15 minutes just playing that. This activity is good for their hand-eye coordination has they need to focus to pour the water into the cup.

Its also good that we were doing it in the bathroom, so it was pretty much mess free. I don’t have to worry that its wet and someone will trip and fall. To me this is an easy to set up and fun activity. The best part of course it helps keep the toys clean too. In total, the girl was at the activity for about half an hour, which I think it must be really fun for her to be playing that long.

A thing to note though is to use warm water for the play. It helps to keep the little hands warm and they can play longer. And yes, somehow you gotta top up the water half way through their play! Have fun!

Know of any other home base and easy to set up (cause Mummy is lazy) activity? Do share with me!


4 thoughts on “Activity: Dish Washing

  1. Thanks for the link. Loi looks so focused at play! Glad that you’ve found a solution. A tub too small for her to climb in is brilliant! 🙂

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