Play@SG: IKEA Alexandra

Do you know of a free drop-off indoor playground in Singapore? This week Play@SG will be introducing you one.

An absolutely free drop-off indoor playground at IKEA!
An absolutely free drop-off indoor playground at IKEA!

IKEA Singapore Alexandra Branch
317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965
Nearest MRT: Redhill

Fun Factors
As this is a drop-off playground, I could only gather what is fun by watching from outside.

The playground is called Smaland. It is a magical forest with lots of fun.

Inside smaland
Inside smaland

The kids can choose to hide in the trees or climb up on little hill at the back. Beyond the platform, below the “hill” is a ball pit with “berries” grown in the forest. To the right is a spider web which the kids can try their climbing skills on.

Clogs and Treehouse
Clogs and Treehouse

If they are tired after all the climbing, they can hide in the giant clog to rest or go up the tree loft to read a book or watch some TV.

(You can read more from another Mummy on her blog over here.)

The playground has limited capacity so very often we need to queue to get in. However, the fortunate thing is every kid is only allowed an hour inside the playground, so the queue will definitely move somehow.

We notice that the playground is usually most crowded when it opens in the morning on weekend. I guess a lot of parents are like us who goes there for breakfast and drop off the kids. Hence the best timing will be 10:45am, where most of the kids in the 1st batch will be coming out.

The kids were told to take off their shoes before they enter the playground. Plus there are staff looking after the area so I believe the playground is pretty clean (I can’t go inside to verify).

However, socks are not mandatory at this playground, probably because of the wooden flooring which can get quite slippery if socks are worn. So it depends on whether parents are comfortable with such arrangement.

Age Group
There is a height limit to enter the playground. Kids must be above 90cm and below 130cm.

While There
Well, after dropping the kids parents can shop peacefully at IKEA without worrying about having to look after them, unless you have a younger one like us.

While GorGor having fun at his playground, MeiMei had fun in the store.
While GorGor having fun at his playground, MeiMei had fun in the store.

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