Talkative Kids Jan 2014

My talkative kids series is back after a hiatus in the last quarter of 2013. It’s not that the kids are not funny, but mummy is too busy. So here goes this 4 months worth of laughter from the kids.

The thoughts that run thru this young head never fail to amaze us!
The thoughts that run thru this young head never fail to amaze us!

I sometimes calls my two kids “lovely” when I do not want to call their name in public or as an affectionate name to them. One day the boy told me this.
Zai: MeeMee calls me and MeiMei “lovely”. Me: Yes. And…
Zai: I call DeeDee dearest.
Me: Oh so sweet. How about MeeMee. Zai: You are my Honey. (Mummy heart melt on the spot. Oh such a sweet boy. And nope I didn’t coax him into calling me that.)
Me: Thanks my lovely! How about MaaMaa (my MIL his paternal Grandma)
Zai: (Thinks for a while) MaaMaa calls me Grandson!


Marriage and Ring
It was a day after our ROM anniversary. We were out the night before for our little celebration so the boy knows. Zai: MeeMee, why DeeDee buy you ring? Me: Cause DeeDee and MeeMee loves each other and we want to get married.
Zai: Next time I marry and buy ring for MeiMei. Cause she is only a small girl now.

So happy that my boy loves my girl, but erm, sorry son, you can’t marry MeiMei.


Open and Close
The two kids were on the bed and Loi crossed over Zai to get down. We heard some cries from Zai, followed by some cries from Loi. Apparently while crossing over, Loi hurt her bro and Zai retaliate back by biting. When we asked what happened, Zai says “MeiMei never say excuse me. So I open my mouth… Put inside and close my mouth.”

Sorry, that is still biting my son.


Big Sister
Loi saw GorGor playing with my iPhone and asked for my iPad. Wanting to be fair, I passed my iPad to her. In the end, she turned on the same app as her brother.
Me: Loi, you watching the same stories as GorGor, can you all share?
(No reaction from both)
Me (using a fake crying voice): Loi, MeeMee wants to use my iPad…
Loi (puts her arm around my neck): Share share (she pushes the iPad a little closer to me and continue watching her stories)

No, Mummy doesn’t want to watch stories, she wants to blog.


Breastfeeding Recently we were toying with the idea of #3, so we sound out the boy.
DeeDee: Zai you have a MeiMei already. Do you want another DiDi or MeiMei?
Zai: DiDi. (turn to me) MeeMee, next time your tummy grow big got DiDi you must pump milk from your pok pok (our house cutesy term for Breast, derived from Hokkien) for DiDi.
Me (laughing): Okok
Zai (in a serious tone): MeeMee you cannot forget. (A while later)
Zai: MeeMee, last time I baby you forget to pump milk for me!

The last part had us bursting out laughing again. And my boy, I did breastfeed you when you were young, it’s just you can’t remember, Mummy has photo evidence to show you. But I’m quite surprise about him linking Breastfeeding and baby. Looks like educating about Breastfeeding starts young. Anybody wants to find my boy as the ambassador?


That’s for this last quarter. I need to buck up in recording down all these precious growing up moments. How about you? Did you had any funny conversations recently?


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