Catchup Post: Loi @ 24 Months

A catch-up post on Loi’s development as I was too slack in the last quarter of 2013. For the record, Loi is now 26 months already.

Mastered Skills

  • Name at least 6 body parts
    Head, hands, legs, eyes, ears, Toes, Shoulder, Knees… These are some of the parts she can named when she was two.
  • Half of speech is understandable
    Yes, she could express herself rather well and we thought her speech development was better than her brother.
  • Makes two to three word sentence
    Her favorite will be “Go Away” “No Share”. Sounds a little negative of her, but this girl loves to assert her independence and doesn’t like people to disrupt her play (Much like her Mummy).

Emerging Skills

  • Talks about self
    I think so. She will comment that her dress is nice. Yes, a vain pot in the making.
  • Arrange things in categories
    Kind of. When I play the colorful Pom Pom with her she will sort them by colors. But that is because I taught her to follow me in the beginning. So not sure if it is counted.
  • Can walk downstairs
    Yes for one to two steps unaided. Else she needs to hold on to railing or someone hand.

Advanced Skills

  • Begins to understand abstract concepts
    Not really. Example when we tell her we will give her the soup later when it’s not so hot, she couldn’t really comprehend and would insist NOW.
  • Becomes attune to gender difference
    Nope. Even recently she told me she has “C C Bird” (Male Private Part)…
  • Learns to jump
    She loves jumping as she sees her GorGor do it frequently. She will attempt to mimic but has never successfully lifted both feet off the ground yet.
Result of MeeMee insist in taking photo with the girl!
Result of MeeMee insist in taking photo with the girl!

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