Play@SG: 77A Redhill Road

From this post onwards, I will include what to do in the vicinity near the playground so as to make the series more family friendly. The adults can do things there while the kids will be rewarded with a trip to the playground after that. Hope that will be more useful to you.

Play@SG: 77A Redhill Road
Play@SG: 77A Redhill Road

HDB Flats opposite Redhill Market
Nearest MRT: Redhill
Beside Blk 77A Redhill Road

Fun Factors
This is a neighborhood playground so it has the usual stuff we see around. The slides being most common. Climbing structure is also at most playground. For this, they had a metal chain to help the kids along (See demo by Zai below).

Up and Up I go!
Up and Up I go!

Do you know that kids need to learn to estimate spaces? This structure will help promote the kids spatial awareness and of course gross motor skills.

Spatial awareness is an important skill.
Spatial awareness is an important skill.

Something not commonly found in neighborhood playground, a periscope.

Periscope to look beyond the playground.
Periscope to look beyond the playground.

We were there on a weekend morning after breakfast. There was only 1 kid playing there. However, about 15 mins later, the playground became more crowded. There were about 15 kids playing there. Mainly young toddlers with parents guiding them.

I will say it’s rather decent. The kids feet were definitely black after play since it’s outdoor and in a neighborhood. But we didn’t find rubbish or ants crawling around. So for a neighborhood outdoor playground I will give it a 3.5 star out of 5 for cleanliness.

Age Group
Neighborhood playground usually have something for everyone. The older kids gets the climbing structure, the younger ones have slides and rockers.

Rock along with me!
Rock along with me!

While there
Do try out the food at Redhill market. I love their congee, but it’s usually sold out by 8+am. If you are there in the afternoon, check out the fried “tau kwa” store. Traditional hawker fare not is not easily found now.

While the kids play, maybe one of the parent can sneak to the wet market to do some marketing. That’s what happened to us, but it was the grandma who was doing the marketing. 🙂


Hope you have enjoyed the series thus far, do feel free to drop me a comment.


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