Play@SG: Lego at Sq2

This is the first post of the series. Initially I wanted to post about a “real” playground but decide to let this post “cut queue” as this play area that I’m about to introduce is a temporary setup for Christmas.

We can ride a motorbike!
We can ride a motorbike!

This play area is located at the atrium of Square 2 (Novena). This building is link to the Novena medical suites and the MRT.

Fun Factors
They have a few big size animals and bike (as seen in the above pic) setup at the atrium. We placed the kids a few times on the bike but was never chased down by the staff. So I assume they do allow the kids to “ride” on it. There is also a lion structure which I saw a parent put their kids on. But my kids preferred the bike, so no pics of the lion *opps*.

Legos, Legos and more Legos!
Legos, Legos and more Legos!

At the center area, you see a few large boxes of Lego Duplo setup for the kids to play. They also had some animal with some Lego base on their body for the kids to put the Lego on (See pic of Zebra). The girl (2 y.o) had some fun putting up the duplos, which is kind of surprising as she doesn’t really play her Duplos at home.

For the older kids, there are tables with Lego base set in the atrium for them to build. If you have been to Legoland, you will be quite familiar with the tables.

I went twice on two different weekends, the place was slightly crowded with like 5-6 kids at each box or table. However, there was still enough Legos and Duplos to go around.

I seriously don’t know if they clean the blocks at the end of each day. For the short period that I was there, I didn’t see them do any form of cleaning. Hence, if your kid have a tendency to put things in their mouth, I will suggest not to let them play there. And as with any play area, sanitize their hands after play. For a free play area we don’t expect too much.

Age Group
With the availability of both Duplo and Lego, I will think age 2 years and up will be able to have some small fun there. Daddies and Mummies can visit the small Lego hut to see a small town build with Lego while waiting for the kids.

Zai: MeiMei hold tight! We are zooming to the next playground. See ya guys around. *Zoom zoom*
Zai: MeiMei hold tight! We are zooming to the next playground. See ya guys around. *Zoom zoom*

That’s all for the first post of Play @ SG! Do leave a comment if you have visited the place and let me know how you find it there. Till the next post, have fun!


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