Play @ SG

Starting from December, I’m starting a new series called Play @ SG. It’s a series whereby I will review the free playground found in Singapore. It may be indoor, it may be outdoor. It may be at shopping mall or just some neighborhood. The idea is just free and good play for the kids.

I know of the side effects of TV and electronic gadgets on kids. However, I can’t help but need this electronic baby sitters. So to reduce their screen time, I wish to bring them outdoor. The best bet is playground for my two toddlers. And I also realize that our little country has no lack of such facilities. This is why I started this series.

Hopefully with the series I force myself to bring the kids out to explore more and readers of the blog will also find the information useful!

PS: I will categorize post in this series by the nearest MRT station I know of. Hopefully it will make it easier for you. 🙂

PPS (for Chubby): You know what this means right? 😛


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