Happy 9th Birthday!

My blog celebrated its 9th birthday last Wednesday. I cannot imagine that I have actually blogged for 9 years. I first started the blog because it was an “in” thing then. I have no clues what I’m going to write about and just wanted to check out what is this thing about “blog”. Having an online diary was what my friend told me at that time. I was a little perplexed. I mean, aren’t diary suppose to be private? I remember those days where diary comes with a tiny lock so we can lock all our thoughts up. The thought of sharing my thoughts openly never really occurred to me.

So the beginning days of my blogs were dedicated mainly to the Mayday, a Taiwanese band which I was really into, and it basically also just record what I did in my daily life. Slowly it turned into a place where I voice my frustrations (especially in work) and a channel to subtly tell my friends what I dare not tell them in person, knowing that they read my blog. So there wasn’t much reader on my blog, they were mainly my friends. That didn’t really matter to me.

As I matures, I learn to take things in stride. So there were less complain posts. However, that also mean that I no longer know what I want to do with the blog. The posts dwindle and I also contemplated closing my blog. Things took another turn (for the better) when the kids came along. I suddenly found a motivation to continue blogging. I wanted to record down the milestones of my kids. The activities we did together. The fun we had. Meeting a group of fellow mother bloggers also spurs me to not only continue to blog but improve on the content of my blog posts.

So the blog posts turned into a record of my life with the kids. I changed the blog title to better align to the posts in my blog and even contemplated to change my blog address to match it. After giving it much thought, I decide against it. Much as I love my kids and most of my blog posts do revolve around them, I decide that I should respect my blog as she is. She holds my past and will continue to contain my future. And more importantly, I want to remind myself that my life should not revolve around just the kids. I should remember myself as a person.

As for the future, I’m not expecting myself to turn into some famous blogger, or to make money out of my blog. However, to say that I do not wish to have more readers is a total lie. I certainly hope that I could post up useful information base on my experience parenting my two kids as well as throwing some thoughts about certain issues. Hence, since the beginning of October I decide to change my style of writing. I tried to package day to day life events into information that may appeal to readers and providing some tips/reviews base on that (thanks to Gingerbreadmum for pointing this out). I also hope to put up at least a blog post with relate to parenting each week and hopefully a non-parenting post once a month. Not very ambitious, just wanted to start small and hope that my blog can really balance out one day.


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