Letter to my 2 year old Girl

Dear Loi Loi,

You turn two! Hooray! This means you can join Daddy, Mummy and GorGor in more activities and yes, you can start eating the supplement vitamin “sweets” I give to GorGor and your BiaoJies.

Seriously, Mummy cannot imagine how this two wonderful years has passed. Daddy and Mummy was still talking a few nights ago about how it was like 2 years ago. The contraction Mummy have to endure over the night, till she couldn’t sleep and was praying that the contraction will go away cause she thought it was fake. Only to go to the hospital and was told that she is in labor. Your entrance to our life was less dramatic than your bro, much like your character.

You are mild by nature. Mummy is thankful that you don’t really scream your head out (should I be writing this, as they say its “patang”?), but will go to a corner and throw your tantrum. That is not to say you are a good girl. You can be very insistent and has quite a huge ego for a two year old. That is not all bad, but this means Daddy and Mummy have to guide you to use your insistence and ego at the correct channel.

The little girl with huge ego
The little girl with huge ego

Due to the fact that you aren’t in school yet, you get to watch lots of TV, especially on weekdays. Some of your favorites in the past were “Maisy Mouse”, “Shrek Forever After”, “Little Mermaid (the Beginning part)” and Barney. And recently your favorites are “Sofia the First”, “Mawa and Kawa (Masha and the Bear)” and “Ice Age 1” (where the baby and the animals are sliding around).

You like song and dance. That’s probably the reason why you like “Sofia the First” and Barney. You started singing the mother goose rhyme quite early. Then you proceed to hum and sing along songs from the TV shows you watch. You can hum and sing the last words of each sentence of “Sofia the First” Main Title Theme. And even a fair bit of “I’m Not Ready To Be A Princess”. When you sing those songs, you will raise your hand up and turn like how Sofia dance in the show. Mummy is also amazed that you can sing some of the catchy tunes in “Mawa and Kawa” too, although its in Russian.

For a kid song, you love Mummy and Daddy to sing “London Bridge” with you. You have also picked up that Mummy will change the lyrics from “my fair lady” to “my fair LoiLoi” when we caught you. So you went on to have “my fair Daddy” or “my fair Auntie” and proceed to hug them. You are so sweet.

Your favorite book for now is “Goat goes to playgroup“. I think you are attracted to the colorful pictures and the mischievous things that Goat do. Much like why you like Mawa is also because of her mischievousness. Mummy is hoping that the book will introduce you to the concept of school which you will be starting in about a month time.

You aren’t really into toys. You will hug your “baby” but the attention you spend with her is often very short lived. The same with other toys. So when you go to the indoor playground, you like the ball pit the most.

The little girl trying out the different toys at Hokey Pokey
The little girl trying out the different toys at Hokey Pokey

You love playgrounds like most kids. However, you always choose the slow and steady way to get up the structures. Till date, you never go beyond the first rung of the 3 step ladder. Its ok, Mummy thinks its natural that girls are more cautious. Mummy just hope that next time you will be more willing to take calculated risk and still be cautious.

You enjoy going out and you know that means changing into “nice” (pretty) clothes. And mummy have to agree that you have an eye for fashion. See the clothes you wore above? Mummy chose the pants and you decided the tee shirt. You will make comments about Mummy dress when you see me after work by saying “Nice… Dress” and you will look at my dress.

Seizing the girls love for dressing up, we help them don on the princess dresses at HP.
Seizing the girls love for dressing up, we help them don on the princess dresses at HP.

Very often when you see Mummy in “going out” clothes, you will run to me grabbing your t-shirt and say “Mummy, change. Nice.” (Mummy, change me into nice clothes). Ah~ you are so adorable.

Food wise, you are a junkie like Mummy. You will not eat your proper meals but will tend to come to the dining table, when Mummy and Daddy are having dinner, requesting for food. We usually relent and feel that either you have a small stomach, or you prefer to eat dinner with us rather than being fed earlier. You use to eat dinner on your own until recently when you are eating lesser and lesser. So we have no choice but to somewhat force feed you. Sometimes you will request “Mummy, feed you (me)”. You love drinking soup and eating vegetables, especially corn.

Like Mummy mention above, you are starting school end of next month. Mummy is happy that you are finally going off to school to learn something everyday rather than spend time at home watching TV. Mummy hope you will enjoy your school although you are bound to get sick the first few weeks. Its ok, every kid goes through this and we will soon help you build up the immune system and things will get better.

Well, you still suck your left thumb to sleep. Mummy and Daddy tried making you kick away the habit but its really not easy. As the sucking really soothes you. But my love, if you continue that in school, chances are you will fall sick even more often. So hopefully, Mummy and Daddy can help you break this habit soon.

Loi Sleeps

That’s all for now. Mummy and Daddy love you always! Mummy hope you have enjoyed your first two years thus far and will continue to stay happy and healthy.



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