A look at my… Fridge

MamaJ had a new linky. Its about taking a look at the different parts of our house. This month topic is on Fridge. So here is a photo of my Fridge.

The front of my fridge
The front of my fridge

(Ah… don’t mind the wordings in the photo. I thought the linky was called “A Peek at my…”. Anyway as seen in the photo, the front of my fridge is real messy.

At the top part, are the magnets. Most of them we have collected while travelling as a family. From our honeymoon at New Zealand to our last family trip to KL (actually correction, the last trip was to USS, which I got the sesame street magnet). When purchasing the magnets, I always opt for the “rubbery” kinds. Cause many of my previous magnets were destroyed by the small hands at home.

Among the magnets, my favorite are the hand woven 3D animal magnets from Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, they (too) didn’t escape the destiny from the small hands. Most are distorted (as seen in the case of the panda), with only the Tiger and Pig still standing strong. I’m trying to “hide” them from the small hands by placing them as far away as possible. That explains why all the magnets are at the top.

The Front top and bottom of my very messy fridge
The Front top and bottom of my very messy fridge

Below the magnets is a monthly calendar. My SIL use to be a cabin crew. She wrote down her flights on the calendar so we know where she is. She has stopped flying for a few months, but we still keep the calendar there since we also use it to reference for dates.

Below the calendar is a magnetic white board the boy recently received from his teacher as a Children’s Day present. My helper tries to write down what she need us to buy there, but it got overwritten by the kids doodling after I took the picture.

Photos on the Fridge
Photos on the Fridge

We also had some photos on the fridge. Not a lot as I don’t have the habit of developing photos, so these photos are either Polaroid or taken at some events.

At the other side of the fridge which is unblock, we have messier stuffs.

The left side of the Fridge
The left side of the Fridge

There are the vouchers that we might use. Food delivery menu. Name card of our favourite chicken rice stall. Coupons Chubby is collecting to exchange for pots from NTUC. But more importantly, it is also where I place the kids latest art work.

The very “artistic” hand print artwork is done by Zai, while the even more “artistic” doodling with chops is by Loi. I’m trying to display just their latest artwork, take a photo and throw them away after the “new ones” come in. No choice, since we have very limited space at home. So I can only opt for the more friendly digital way.

So what is on your fridge?


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