Mid-Autumn 2013

Unlike last year, we skipped most of the lights display this year as experience tell us that a lot of things are repetitive or not worth the effort. However, we still had 3 mini celebration in our own manner.

Firstly, the weekend before the Mid-Autumn itself, we brought the kids to walk around the neighborhood with their lanterns.

The kids lantern for 2013
The kids lantern for 2013 (Pardon for the poor lighting)

Although there were only 4 kids, there were like 9 lanterns. I brought the paper lanterns with Mickey Mouse and Princesses from Malaysia when we went to KL a month back. It was really nice so I couldn’t resist buying. For safety sake, we replaced normal candles with tea-candles, which is a great choice as it illuminates the lantern nicely and yet it is much safer for the kids who are below 5 years old.

On Mid-Autumn itself, we brought our two kids to the sky bridge at Duxton Pinnacle. It was a great choice as there were many kids there carrying their lanterns. Its the kind of Mid-Autumn I remember when I was a kid. Its a pity that there was cloud that day and we couldn’t really see the moon clearly.

The weekend of Mid-Autumn, we brought all the kids to Gardens By the Bay for the lanterns display. We didn’t know where the lanterns display were, so we parked near the conservatory and had a mini-picnic right below the super trees.

Mid-Autumn @ Gardens By the Bay
Mid-Autumn @ Gardens By the Bay

Later we realize that the displays were at “The Meadow” and we make a dash for it, as it happened that there is firework display that night. We reach just in time to catch the firework. I’m really happy that the boy has gotten braver and is less afraid of the fireworks now. He is able to sit through and watch the firework with me covering his ears.

As for the light display, we noticed that they reused the lights from Chinese Garden last year. It has the theme of the fairy tales. There is only one section that is new, which are the dinosaurs. But the boy wasn’t as interested. He was asking to go back to the garden where he saw the “mushroom”. He had more fun there than at the lights, which is fine for us, so long as he is happy. This remind me that we should bring the boy back to the “free” area of Garden by the Bay one day.

Some details.

Sky Bridge of Duxton Pinnacle

  • Entrance Fee: SGD5 (Pay at Blk 1G, Level 1)
  • Opening Hours: 9 am to 10 pm (all days except special days with fireworks)
  • Tips: You can only pay for the entrance via EZ-Link card. Please make sure that you have one EZ-Link for each of the personnel going up, as you will need to tap the EZ-Link card to enter and exit.
  • Website: http://www.pinnacleduxton.com.sg/skybridge_public.php

Gardens by the Bay – The Meadow

So how did you spend your Mid-Autumn?


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