Loi @ 23 Months

It’s Loi 2nd birthday in a few weeks time. Both Chubby and myself are still struggling on how to celebrate her birthday. Her brother had a not-so-small 2nd birthday celebration. We thought we should be fair and give her one too. So we are still cracking our head. If you have any good suggestion please share with us.

Loi in a pool of balls
Loi in a pool of balls

In the meantime, some updates of her progress.

Mastered Skills

  • Can make a tower of four bricks.
    Not an issue. But again, this girl tends to destroy more than she build. When her brother is building, she will want to push them down. And walk on them. Or hear the sound she create by walking “through” them. Especially the Lego Duplo.
  • Can name a simple picture in a book
    She is not into reading, but when she has a book she likes she can do simple pointing and telling. Her current favourite is “Where is baby’s belly button”. She is able to lift the flap and tell us things like “Mouth… Cup” (Mouth is behind the cup).
  • Can use 50 single words
    Well, I haven’t really did a count on the words that she says. Off the head I can think of “Head”, “Mouth”, “Eyes”, “Nose”, “Pigs”, “Lion”, “Dog”, “Bear”, “Wolf”, “Cup”, “Cess” (Princess), “Baby”, “Slide”, “Change”, “Nice Nice”, “Bathe”, “Try”, “Want”, “Book”, “Chop”, “Chair”, “Sit”, “Lai” (Come in Chinese), “No”, “Catch”, “Shirt”, “Ground” (Playground), “Watch”, “Juice”, “Kult” (Yalkut), “Drink”, “Bed”, “Shoes”, “Scared”, “Put There”, “Briefs”, “Clothes” etc
    Actually we are pretty surprise that she is able to form short sentences on her own. Not exactly very proper, but good attempts.

Emerging Skills

  • Can make two- or three-word sentences
    She can tell us “Put There” (where to put her milk bottle) and “MeeMee I want you”. Or even “Change Nice Nice” (Change into clothes for going out). So looks like her speech development is pretty much ok.
  • Can sing simple tunes
    She can sing most of the rhymes, but not all the words are audible. She loves songs and dance so much so that she can hum+sing to the tunes in “Sofia the First”.
  • Takes more of an interest in playing with other children
    Not really. She prefers to play on her own when she is at the playground. When she is with her gor gor and jie jies, she tend to disrupt their play. So I would say the girl is not the social butterfly kind.

Advanced Skills

  • Can walk down stairs
    At most 2 steps and she will start to panic and tell us she is “scared”.
  • Talks about self (likes, dislikes)
    Not really. She only says “No” to things she don’t like, but wouldn’t initiate a conversation about things she don’t like.
  • Asks “Why?”
    Nope. The word is not part of her spoken vocab yet.
The active girl climbing around in Ikea, and pretend to be demure when she got caught.
The active girl climbing around in Ikea, and pretend to be demure when she got caught.

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