Book Review: Catch that Baby!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial. All opinions are of my own.

I would call this book a comic rather than a story book.

Catch That Baby! - Cover Page
Catch That Baby! – Cover Page

This book shows a baby running around naked in the house after having his bath and the different family members started to chase after him. It not only introduces the different family members, it also teaches concept like under, behind, beside, etc. As the location of where the baby was hiding.

Catch That Baby! - Inside
Catch That Baby! – Inside

The kids (3.5 y.o and 23 months) really like the book as they can identify with the story, since the boy loves to run around in the house like the baby after his bath. But after reading the book, when we shout “Catch That Naked Baby”, he will stop and behave. Cause he doesn’t want to be a “baby” anymore. On the contrary, the girl turned from the “good girl” to the girl who runs away. She will make sure we call out “Catch that naked baby!” before she is willing to put on her clothes. But she always burst into the laughter when she sees us reenact the book, so we leave her to it for pure fun sake.

Here are the details.
Title: Catch that baby! / Nancy Coffelt; illustrated by Scott Nash
Call Number: English COF
Location: Junior Lending Picture Book

Disclaimer II: Erm.. if the kids started running around the house naked (like ours do)… Just don’t attribute to us, ok? Hmm.. lets just say it will be good fun for the kids…


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