Talkative Thursday: Talkative Kids Sep 2013

Notice the title difference? The girl who is picking up in her vocab is joining us in the talkative series! Here is what we have for September.

The talkative kids...
The talkative kids…


We were going out one day. And I was the last to enter the lift as I need to lock the door. We always like to play a game where we pretend we couldn’t see one of the kids as they are blocked by adult.

Me: Where is my baby?
Loi: No… Baby! Xi!

The girl is trying to tell me she is no longer a baby and is using her name. But she only manage to pronounce the 2nd word, which is “Xi”. She can now identify herself as “Loi Loi” and her name. My baby has really grown.


You know how they always say kids always mirror how their parents talk and behave. Well, below are two good examples.

Daddy: Zai… Go Bathe..
Zai: No.. *!@#$$%^* (talking about some irrelevant things)
Daddy: *laughs at the boy for trying hard to avoid going to bathe* Go bathe now…
Zai: *in a serious tone* It is not funny…

Chubby was a little taken aback by the boy reaction, but we both feel that is “so Chubby”. There were times where the boy will fool around and Daddy will tell the boy off by saying “It is not funny”.

Another incident happened one morning, I was about to leave for work, the girl had just finish her milk and was walking out of the bedroom with her milk bottle in hand.

Loi: DeeDee… watch… Cess (Daddy, I want to watch Princess Sofia).
Chubby turned on the TV for her and the girl proceed to pass her milk bottle to Chubby. Before Chubby could reply..
Zai: *in a serious tone* DeeDee is not the basin.

When we both heard it, we were again caught by surprise. But it is also the kind of reply that Chubby will give. The son did it before the Dad could do anything. Looks like Chubby had rub off quite a bit of his style on the boy!


It is common for us to go to the supermarket on weekday morning after dinner. We usually bring the kids along and treat is as a form of bonding. This particular night the boy was playing with his magnetic puzzle in the living room.

Zai: MeeMee.. nobody wants to be the student. (He always act as the teacher with the white board and puzzle).
Me: Ok, MeeMee be the student. But I need to go NTUC. You want to come along with me first?
Zai: But.. But… But.. I need to stay at home to protect my sister.
Me: Protect your MeiMei?
Zai: Yes. Later you all go out, nobody at home to protect her…

Oh… so sweet of the boy… But we all know actually he just want to stay behind and play with his puzzle. He was probably tired that day, as he usually love to join us in our grocery shopping.


This incident was related to me by Chubby. Chubby is usually the one who send the boy to school since his childcare is at Chubby’s office. On days when Chubby need to go to work early or have meeting outside, my Dad (Zai’s Gong Gong) will send the boy to school. The boy doesn’t like Gong Gong to send him as Gong Gong is fierce and he is scared of him. So he usually will kick up a fuss when he knows that Gong Gong is sending him to school. So that day Chubby had to reach work early, so the night before he told the boy…

Daddy: Zai… Tomorrow Gong Gong will send you to school because Daddy need to reach office early to work.
(Chubby was expecting the boy to whine and say no. That he loves Daddy and wants Daddy to send him to school.)
Zai: Ok Daddy. You must work and earn a lot of money Ok.
Daddy: *shock* Ok
Zai: And you must give me all the gold one. I don’t like the silver one.
(His referring to the $1 gold coin and 50 cents silver coin.)

We are teaching the boy concept of money. About how Daddy and Mummy have to work to buy him his nuggets and how much his nuggets will cost him. The boy has grown up and is more understanding now. We are happy but at the same time feel that time has moved so fast, we are just catching on the last bit of his “cute toddler-hood” before he moves on to be an independent boy.

On a similar note, there was a day where the boy asked for money to buy his nuggets. Chubby passed him a $2 bill told him he is lending him the money, so he has to return. Guess what the boy did when Chubby asked him for the money? He pulled one side of his clothes down so it shows off his shoulder and tells him that is his way of returning. We both can’t stop laughing but on a serious note, we need to be careful what the boy is watching when his grandma is watching her dramas and sitcoms.


Zai: MeeMee, the Kuey Buluh tickler (tickle) my tongue.
Zai: MeeMee, the Kuey Buluh tickler (tickle) my tongue.

That’s all folks!



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