Friday Five: Great buys from Daiso

MamaJ from Mum in the making started a linky on 5 good buy from Daiso. Well, seriously 5 is not enough, so I’m gonna play cheat and state 5 types of things rather than just 5 things.

1. Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes from Daiso
Storage Boxes from Daiso

Daiso is a good place to get small storage boxes. The small storage boxes are effective in organizing the kids toys and the transparent design makes it easy for the kids to find their toys too.

2. Bags, Bags, Bags

Bags and More Bags from Daiso
Bags and More Bags from Daiso

I simply love their document bags. They come in many sizes and the quality is good. I use them to keep toys (like cutlery or the boy toy animals), stickers, play-doh cutters, printable and their craft material such as crayons, chops, markers etc. I try to get as many design and color as I can so the kids and myself know what is inside each bag without opening it. They have translucent design too if you don’t want to be too colorful. I have one inside my diaper bag for storing the diapers as well. What is more, you can use it as an activity bag too.

The bag in the bottom left photo is what they call “shoe bag”. Its for the Japanese kids to bring their shoes to school to change. But I decide to use them for other purpose. I use it to store toys (again!) and the one you see above, I use it as a small “diaper bag” when I bring the kids to playground or to a nearby place. It comes with drawstrings and a small handle for carrying, so it keeps things in place and yet has a a nice handle.

The last bag is a bag that comes with two suction pad that is used in the bathroom to keep the kids bath toys. It is airy so the toys have a place to dry and yet keep the bathroom neat.

3. Baskets

Baskets from Daiso
Baskets from Daiso

Apart from boxes, baskets from Daiso are also good for storage purpose. In the photo, are the two that I particularly like. I use the cloth basket, as seen at the back of the photo, to store smaller clothes items like socks. The plastic compartmentalize basket at the front is good for storing the kids clothes items like underwear and socks. It keeps the wardrobe much neater and easier to find their items.

4. Learning Materials

Learning Material from Daiso
Learning Material from Daiso

Apart from the tongs, all the above learning materials are from Daiso. The sketch book is for the kids to draw. But I later realize that its cheaper to get at Popular, but I like their A4 size sketch book, which is thick and I keep them in the car for the kids to kill time while on the go.

The pom poms and compartmentalize box are two separate items from Daiso. I let the girl sort the pom poms by color into the box and it keeps everything in place. And the tong from Ikea fits nicely into the box too.

Diaso sells lots of wooden stuff. We particularly like the wooden cubes. Chubby drew some animals on the cube and immediately, the cube turn into a puzzle for the kids (One of the cube is missing when I took the photo, which is why the giraffe looks kind of weird).

White Board and Magnets from Daiso
White Board and Magnets from Daiso

This magnetic white board and magnets are also good learning materials. I got the kids to stick some stickers onto the plain magnets. The same design sticker, one on the pink and one on the white, and they can use it to play matching game. The magnets are also good training for fine motor skills as they attempt to use pincer grip to take the magnets off the board.

5. Toys

Toys from Daiso
Toys from Daiso

I also like to go to Daiso to get some cheap toys for the kids. The Elephant watering can is from daiso. And the small plastic “fishes” and “balls” that the girl is attempting to put into her cup are also from Daiso. I particularly like the fish set as it comes with a yellow net (as seen in the bottom of the tub) that allows them to catch the fishes and ball. Good hand eye co-ordination training for the kids.

Unconventional Toys from Daiso
Unconventional Toys from Daiso

Apart from their Toys section, I also get “toys” from other areas. The $2 pots and pans makes durable cooking toys for the kids. Much more durable than the plastic ones. Only issue is the noise that they make while using such cooking wares.

So these are 5 of my favorite type of items from Daiso. What is yours?


6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Great buys from Daiso

  1. Im a big fan of DAISO too! I think if I’ve to come up with a list, 5 is definitely not enough. Lol!
    That reminds me, I need to go DAISO- shopping again soon! 🙂

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