KL 2013: Sunway Lagoon

We visited Sunway Lagoon last year when we were in KL. The kids had lots of fun and since both my Bro and Sis did not visit the theme park before, we decided to add it into our itinerary for this KL trip.

My family @ Sunway Lagoon
My family @ Sunway Lagoon

Basically, Sunway Lagoon is divided into 5 different parks. The Wildlife Park, Water Park, Amusement Park, Scream Park and Extreme Park.

The Wildlife Park is like a mini zoo. We spotted the Sun Bear, Panther, Monkeys, Birds (different kinds), Ducks, Peacocks, Chickens, Snakes, etc. What we like about it is that their Peacocks and Ducks are free ranging. The boy is intrigued by it and will attempt to follow them as close as he dares.

The birds were in an enclose area, however, they are free to fly inside. And one of them actually flew on top of the boy’s head. The boy was a little scared, but he didn’t wave or make big movement. Instead, he stayed still until we “guided” the bird away. It was quite an experience for him.

Wildlife Park @ Sunway Lagoon
Wildlife Park @ Sunway Lagoon

The previous year when we were there, there is an area that allowed visitors to “touch” some animals. I remembered the boy had a go on the tortoises and rabbits. Unfortunately, this time round the animals have been removed. So no more “hands-on” for the kids.

The Water Park is where the crowd is. There are a few slides for adults much like what we used to have at the big splash and the current Adventure Cove. For the kids, they have at least 2 play structures. One for older kids with steeper and longer slides and one for younger kids with shallower water and milder slides.

Water Park @ Sunway Lagoon
Water Park @ Sunway Lagoon

Apart from the slides, the kids also enjoyed the “lazy river” and “wave pool”. The girl enjoys lying at the edge of the wave pool and feel the water “washing” her up to the “shores”.

For adults, we tried the “World First 5D Waterplex”. Well, I will just say there wasn’t much 3D effect and the water splashes are just out to make you wet. With the air-con blowing from the theater, it makes you feel real cold. Hence, I think its a total waste of our time queuing for it.

The Amusement Park is where all the rides are. Chubby and my siblings tried on the viking which turns 360 degrees. However, they came down mentioning that it wasn’t fun as the fall was quite controlled. For the kids, they managed to ride on the carousel like 3 times. There were other rides like the ferries wheel, teacup, roller coaster and all. But we didn’t play much as the adults were all tired from waking up early that day.

Kids on Carousel @ Sunway Lagoon
Kids on Carousel @ Sunway Lagoon

The Scream Park is where the “haunted house” is. This is my second time walking in the “house”. The last time, we had to pay extra to go into the park, but they have since change it to a “free” area. Since its free I think it is well worth to spend the time to go in. There were some effects that I really like, plus the makeup they had were quite scary.

The Extreme Park is where all the other extreme activities like flying fox and bungee jumping are, we skipped that area as it is far and most of the activities requires us to pay more. Besides, we were all tired after the water play.

Loi Sleeping @ Sunway Lagoon
Loi Sleeping @ Sunway Lagoon

In summary some points to look out.

  • Go on a weekday and non-public holiday
    We make the mistake of going on Hari Raya Haji. The crowd was terrible. The last time we were there, it was a weekday and the crowd was better.
  • Apply sun block and mosquito repellent.
  • Bring along a stroller for young kids.
    Most of the area are stroller friendly. So there will be no issues with stroller and the kids will have a place to nap after they are tired from playing.
  • Bring along your own food if possible.
    The food choices are not kids friendly. They are mainly snacks, sandwiches and Malay dishes that contains chili. There is a Mary Brown “Fast Food” inside (Chubby queued for half hour and there is no progress in his queue so he gave up) and a Subway (we settled for that in the end).

Details of the park:

  • Sunway Lagoon
    3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Entrance Fee: Adults RM120, Kids (Above 90CM) RM 90 for Non-Citizens
    (There is a Maybank CC discount when we were there. Not sure when it will end though.)

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