Talkative Thursday: Talkative Boy Aug 2013

I was too caught up with work that I didn’t manage to post this in time last week. Anyway, here is the latest installment of our Talkative Boy.

"MeiMei push me!"
“MeiMei push me!”


Dad: Zai, come here and drink your medicine.
Son: No! (Continues playing)
Dad: Come here and drink.
Son: No!
Dad: Son, how does you like it when Daddy keeps telling you No? Like when you ask “Can I have your phone” and I say “No!”? (Continues to nag at the same point for a while)
Son: (Drinks his medicine)
Dad thought he won…

A few days later, just before bed…
Son: (Chanting to himself) Cannot say No. Can only say don’t want…. Cannot say No. Can only say don’t want…


The son was getting lazy at walking and keeps wanting to be carried by his dad. He has come out with different reasons to be carried. One day, it was this…
Son: Daddy, carry…
Dad: Why? You have legs right?
Son: I’m very tired. I want to sleep.
Dad: Oh… You are tired. So when we reach home you will go to bed immediately and not play with your toys or watch TV?
Son: I’m tired. I want to sleep.
Dad nags a little and started carrying the boy. The boy pretends to sleep by shutting his eyes.
When we reach home…
Son: (Open eyes automatically and exclaim loudly) Oh.. I wake up already!

We were still thinking how he would try to wriggle his way through when we reach home, as we know he wouldn’t go directly to bed. We were very surprise that he actually thought of that. However, we still give him a good piece of our mind since that is outright lying. I was happy that he understood and stopped all those nonsense the next day. He promptly told his Dad that he wants to be carried instead of coming out with all the different excuses. Though a small part of me will miss to see his different excuses and reaction, but we should nip out bad behaviors early.


Till next month, see ya!



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