Loi @ 22 Months

Source: Baby Centre

Loi @ 22 Months
Loi @ 22 Months

Mastered Skills

  • Can kick a ball forward.
    We haven’t played with ball for a long time. So I’m not sure about this actually. (Opps)
  • Follows two-step requests
    Yes. I have tried passing her both her diaper and milk bottle, told her to put the bottle into the basin and the diaper into the bin.
  • Imitates others’ behavior
    Yes. She loves imitating us.

Emerging Skills

  • Can do simple puzzles
    The girl has very little interest in puzzles. I have tried putting out the alphabet puzzles for her, but she is not interested. But I have seen her taking out and putting the animals back to a wooden puzzle. Does it count?
  • Can draw a straight line
    Nope. She still mostly draw circles. But this girl really like to doodle.
  • Can identify several body parts
    Yes. One of her favorite song is “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. Need I say more?

Advanced Skills

  • Can put on clothing
    Not really. She will attempt to put her feet and hands into the correct hole but can’t really wear them on her own yet.
  • Might be ready for a big bed
    She has always been sleeping on a single-size mattress. So no such issues for her. Just that she will need me to sleep beside her when she wakes up in the middle of the night.
  • Understands opposites
    Don’t think so. She probably know tall and short. But I don’t think she link them up yet.


In two months time, my little baby will be 2. She has started showing some terrible two syndromes. But we are trying our best to curb it. There were complains about her pushing, biting and pinching her cousins and even her care taker. Looks like this girl is a tough one. But at least for now, when we are angry with her, she knows we are upset and won’t attempt any more mischief but put on her cutesy self to win us over (Mommy is trying not to buy it).

The girl has been rather independent since young. She insist on feeding herself, or shake away our hands when she knows she can walk confidently (except that she is too lazy to walk all the time and request Mommy dearest to carry her). This month she make another leap of independence. She is able to play at the playground on her own.

When in doubt, do a leopard crawl.
When in doubt, do a leopard crawl.

In the past, she needs me to hold her hands to cross this “bridge”. But one fine day, she has enough of waiting for me to attend to GorGor and decides she will cross it on her own. She is a cautious girl, she has no confident in walking, so she crawled. She make it to the end. I was happy to see my girl progressing. Especially in terms of her gross motor skills. But feeling a little sad that my baby is a baby no more. She still asks me to join her at the playground for now. Very soon, she will really be on her own running and hopping all over like her bro. Till then, I shall cherish all these precious moments with her.


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