Loi @ 21 Months

July slipped passed me and I didn’t manage to record Loi’s development. She is currently at 22 months now, but I still wish to record her development. Unfortunately, Baby Center SG also closed in the last month. So now I reference to Baby Center UK.

Loi Enjoying Ball Pit @ Hokey Pokey
Loi Enjoying Ball Pit @ Hokey Pokey

Mastered Skills

  • Can Walk Up Steps
    I believe she still can’t really do it last month. But I do notice her being able to do it like this month. She is able to walk up without any assistant. In fact, there are many instances of her insistent in letting go of our hand so that she can climb up the stairs on her own.
  • Enjoys helping around the house
    Yes. She generally will throw her own diaper away when told to and bring her own bottle to the basin. My SIL also commented when she requests her help in doing things like bringing the tissue paper she will help out too.
  • Can set simple goals
    Hmmm. Yup I would think so. I have seen her putting things around. And purposely taking certain things and put it at a place. She has even picked her own clothes and attempt to wear them.

Emerging Skills

  • Can throw a ball overarm
    Didn’t really see this happening. She isn’t really into playing ball.
  • Can kick a ball
    Yes. But not so accurate though. More like an accidental “touching”.
  • Can make building brick towers
    So far she isn’t really interested into bricks yet. I recently brought her some duplo, but she also spend most of her time taking them apart rather than building them.

Advanced Skills

  • Can name cat or dog when you show a picture
    Yes. We pasted an animal poster since Zai was young. And our helper has been teaching Loi the animals since the poster is just beside her high chair. So she can recognise some animals. Last month, she will still call a “tiger” as a “lion”. But it has improved this month. For Cats and Dogs, she can generally recognise. But sometimes she will call it “Meow” instead of “Cat”, depending on her mood.
  • Can make short sentences
    Yes. Her favourite “MeeMee I want you”. Wow, but she learned this from her brother. Zai was saying it one day, and she just suddenly followed and repeated after him. Since then, she has been using it (effectively). Apart from that, she is also able to say “Sit Down”. “Witch Dance” (A scene in Shrek Forever After). And “Don’t Want”.
  • Can walk down stairs
    Not when she was in 21 month. But I do notice this now when she is 22 months. But for a short 2 steps and she will lose her courage and request us to hold her hand. But I’m happy that she is willing to try time and again.

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