A few days back when I was in the car on our way home, we pass by Queenstown and I saw a banner stating that Queenstown is celebrating its 60th year anniversary. And because of that, they have some celebration going on.

If you do not know, Queenstown is the first satellite town in Singapore. And at the heart of Queenstown, is the Queenstown bowling center, the hawker center and a small shopping belt which use to house Emporium.

I have an affinity with Queenstown, cause my parents started their family there in a one bed room rental flat. The address on my siblings BC is an address in Queenstown. I heard from my Mum that she and my dad use to go on dates at the bowling center. They even brought my Bro along when he was just a baby. We subsequently move to Clementi after I was born as they needed a bigger space. However, my Mum still bring us back to Queenstown very often. Our typical weekend starts with a lunch at the hawker center follow by a visit to the Queenstown Public Library. My secondary was also around the area, so I visited the Queenstown area very often too. Especially when I need to visit the library to do my projects.

I have so many fond memories build in that area.

Unfortunately, just as Queenstown was celebrating its 60th Anniversary, the charm of the Queenstown that I knew was gone. The hawker center was pulled down and the demolition work for the bowling center also started back in June 2013. What is left of my memories are just rubble. What an irony.

I remember a few years back, I went to a seminar by HDB. They were still sharing that they will preserve the Bowling Center but revamped it and build HDB flats around it. But it seems like the piece of land was too precious that it was eventually sold to some private developer.

As we make way for advancement, are there ways to preserve our childhood memories? I hope not only in the form of photos or archive. Something more real? Or I’m just getting old and standing in the way of “advancement”?



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