Review: Quad Cycling @ East Coast

"Quad Cycling" @ East Coast Park
“Quad Cycling” @ East Coast Park

Ok,maybe I should call it “Family Cycling” instead. Well, generally, this is a form of cycling available at East Coast Park. It is called Quad Cycling because it allows two adults to sit at the back and pedal, while two kids sit in front.

We have always wanted to bring the kids to cycle at East Coast Park, since we saw this quad cycling thing, about a year ago. But we have been procrastinating and forgot about it until recently I read again in Daddy Nivlek blog and was reminded about it again. So we gathered my SIL and MIL and make a trip down one lovely Sunday morning.

Well, the place where Daddy Nivlek rented his Quad Cycle, there were the dummy wheels for the kids and is renting at SGD30 per hour or SGD45 for 3 hours. However, the shop that we rented from (which is near the old Big Splash) only have “bikes” which comes with the dummy wheel at the back for the 2nd adult and not in front. But they charges SGD28 per hour and does not have the 3 hour option.

It was a blessing in disguise, thou. Here is the reason why.

  • We were tired 10 minutes into the cycling. The “bike” was heavy, and we have 3 kids with us, V, Zai and Loi. When Loi couldn’t sit still, I swapped with my MIL and she brought R with her up to bike. That I believe is another mistake.
  • The seats can’t be adjusted. This means, for people who aren’t tall (like me), couldn’t really step on the pedal (especially when Loi insists on sitting on my lap to play with the fake steering wheel).
  • It wasn’t easy to make turns. Chubby had to get down and push the “bike” when we tried to make a ‘U-turn’. Which obstructed some traffic (Sorry to those who were blading or cycling that day).
  • The kids got bored after a short while and was attracted by the beach instead.

Hence I was quite glad that we only had the SGD28 per hour option, as we promptly return the back after 1 hour. In fact, I think the total time we spend on the “bike” was less than half an hour. Nonetheless, I will say its a good choice for those who can’t really cycle and want to bring their kids for a ride. Plus, there is a little “rooftop” that provides some shade during hot days.

Just don’t be silly like us to load so many kids on board at one go. My SIL went for a round when the kids were playing with the sand, and she commented that it was actually quite easy without all their extra weight. So I guess if you only have one kid, it probably wouldn’t be as tiring. Oh and they have a version that sits 4 adults (in two rows) behind and 2 kids in front. But I’m not sure whether it will be for better or worst, maybe somebody who tried before can let me know.

And when the kids get tired, there is always the sand play and beach ready for them…

Loi Sand Play @ ECP
Loi Sand Play @ ECP

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or receive any form of token for this review. The rental fee came from my own Chubby’s pocket. All opinions are of my own.


4 thoughts on “Review: Quad Cycling @ East Coast

    1. Hi Ai,

      We are thinking of the tandem bike the next time. At least 1 to 1, hopefully not as tiring? And I should be able to choose a bike that suits my height. 😛
      And yes, you should give it a try with your girl. 🙂

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