Picnic @ Marina Barrage

Work has caught up with me so the blog is taking a secondary seat. This picnic happened about 2 weekends back, but I only manage to find the time to blog now.


E and C are relocating to Europe due to work commitment from E. As such, we suggested a picnic for the kids before their move. And the first place that came to our mind was Marina Barrage. So after discussing about the food to bring on Whatsapp, we were there one Sunny Sunday Morning!

Zai and his Huge Soccer Ball
Zai and his Huge Soccer Ball

We brought along our huge blow up ball (from ELC). The boy had a fun time throwing and chasing after him. He also had a hand in flying the kite that we brought along, though he quickly grew tired of it.

For the girl, she spend most of her time standing on the skate scooter that E brought along for Junior E. We think she wasn’t comfortable with walking on the grass so she insist we carry her. Or she will just stand on the skate scooter like the pic below.

Loi and Skate Scooter
Loi and Skate Scooter

But through this, we also noticed that the girl knows how to play with the Skate Scooter. She was able to roll on it for a very short distance. We were quite surprise as we don’t really own a proper skate scooter at home. I think she observed it when she is at the playground. This motivated the mummy to get her one for her birthday.

As for the highlight for the day, it has got to be this.

R and Zai Water Play
R and Zai Water Play

Water Play has got to be the kids all time favorite. Although it was scorching hot, they had a fun time playing in the water. The boy laid down in the water and did the “Shrek in the mud bath” stunt (Flapping the arms and legs. Please watch “Shrek Forever After” to know more). Subsequently, R copied him and even a few other little kids who were playing there, followed him in lying down in the water.

Loi Water Play
Loi Water Play

For Loi, she is just contented to sit in the water and splash them. Girls are just more gentle, aren’t they?

When Zai, got tired of this “mud-bath stunt”, he got out and fought with the water. Well, that is what he told us, “Mummy, I’m fighting the water”.

Zai Fighting with Water
Zai Fighting with Water

It was so fun that time passes quickly. Before we knew it, it was 12 noon and the sun was scorching hot. Chubby got a slight sunburn after that, though the kids and I manage to escape “unhurt”. Nonetheless, it was a happy time and the boy bugs us to go back again the next day. So if you want some free fun for your kids, bring them to Marina Barrage. Just don’t forget the sunblock like the blur mummy did!


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