It has been a difficult work week. As I sit here now in bed typing this, I really Thank God Its Friday! It is a week where I came home later than usual, mentally, physically and even emotionally drained. It is a week I shed a few drop of tears at work (to be exact in a meeting) which haven’t happened for a long time.

The week started with preparation for a presentation for today and a similar presentation on coming Monday. The ironical thing is that I am not the presenter of both the presentation, but nonetheless I was involved somehow and seems to be the organiser for one. Well, its a complicated matter. Anyway, I had meetings after meetings of clearing the slides that brought me to another “dimension” in terms of delivering a presentation and forced me to really think through lots of things. My brain was literally going on strike after the meeting. But I would say its a good form of training and hopefully I really learned and instil some of it in me.

Near to the end of the week, I was engaged in another meeting that I went into a heated argument with my customer. I almost lost my cool and wanted to shout back at her. But I remembered my kids (read: I need my job) so I took a step back and told her that I will raise this to my boss as its beyond my level. As I sat at the back bench, whatsapp-ing away to ask my boss and thinking of why am I doing all this shit (when I’m paid peanuts), tears couldn’t help but welled up in my eyes. I tried controlling my emotions, but I a few of them manage to escape. I resorted to reading blogs (on my phone) to have a time out from the matter. Later as I calm myself down, I remembered something my ex-boss, I, once said to me. Its along the line of “There is no need to get upset or angry over people who are not your love ones”. How true.

As I share the day event with Chubby at night, I learned another new thing from him. To disassociate. To not be personal, take a step back, disassociate from the situation and not jump into trying to defend every attack that is thrown at me. But to calm down, clear the mind, stand firm on my belief and bring her back to the fundamentals.

Yes, its all easier said then done, but I will try.

I’m glad at least the week is over. Its going to be a busy month ahead, but weekends belong to my family. So before Monday comes, I’m so going to enjoy myself.

My Love Ones in their Happy Moments
My Love Ones in their Happy Moments

I hope you had a better week then me. Have a happy weekend!


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