Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son (June 13 – Part 2)

2nd Part of the series for this month!


The boy has been telling us he is a “3 Year Old Big Boy”. He is no longer a baby and would stop ‘MeiMei’ from joining him in certain play as ‘MeiMei’ is too young and is still a baby. However, that day when we were out at a friend’s daughter 1st birthday party, there was a small ball pit meant for young toddlers. Upon seeing the ball pit, the boy eye’s brighten…

Son: MeeMee, can I play?
Me: But, this is for small children. You are too big for this already.
Son: But I still small.
Me: But you told me you are 3 year old big boy right?
Son: Yes. I 3 year old. But I still small.

I relented and let him played in the ball pit as I couldn’t find other means to entertain him. But I reminded him to be careful of the younger kids.

Kids @ Ball Swimming Pool
Kids @ Ball ‘Swimming Pool’

That night when I was helping him to change into his diaper for sleeping, thinking that he might have forgotten what he says, I cheekily asked him…

Me: So are you a 3 year old big boy?
Son: No. I still small.
Me: But you told me before you are a big boy.
Son: No. I still smaller. I cannot reach the shelves in MaaMaa room.
Me: Oh… and?
Son: Must wait until *starts counting with fingers* 5 years old. Then I big boy.

Ok. We shall see if the boy remembers that.


The haze is affecting our little sunny island. I started wearing masks whenever I’m outdoor. So that day I arrived home after work in my mask. My daughter heard me opening the door, so she came out chuckling and looking for me. She pause with a shock face when she saw me in my mask (its such a heart breaking look). I think she was expecting to see her Mummy, but instead saw a person whom she cannot recognize with her face covered. The boy took the scene better as he has seen us wearing masks for multiple times and I think its a common sight in school now.

Son: Oh, MeeMee, you have a mask.
Me: Yes… *pout*
Son: Cause its smokey outside.

Yes my son, its smokey outside. And its call haze. It affects our health especially for young kids like you and MeiMei.


Thankfully, the sky cleared over the weekend. So we took a little risk and brought the kids out for breakfast on Sunday. While walking to the car…

Son: Oh, MeeMee, we forgot our mask.
Me: You tried on one just now right? And you didn’t like it. Anyway the sky is quite clear now. We don’t need the mask now.
Son: Oh. But never mind… *uses his left hand to pull his right fingers until he forms the V sign or 2.. and proceeds to poke into his nose…* we have our fake mask.
Me: (surprise at what he did, but is quite sure someone taught him as he actually uses ‘fake’) Oh.. did you learn that in school? (I thought he learned it from some friend or something).
Son: No. DeeDee.

The best thing is Chubby says he can’t remember teaching the boy this. This reminds us to be really careful of what we do in front of the kids.

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2 thoughts on “Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son (June 13 – Part 2)

  1. Your boy is so cute. Kids really say funny things sometimes! 🙂 I used to record down the funny things my boys said when they were little too.

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