Thankful Tuesdays: A break from the Haze

It has been a difficult week in Singapore. PSI values are shooting up, dengue cases didn’t really drop. Its during difficult periods we are extra thankful.

Daddy Reading to Boy
Daddy Reading to Boy

I am thankful that Chubby has a rather flexi working hours, so he can still stay in bed and read to the boy while I’m rushing off to work one weekday morning. I’m also very thankful that Chubby is a rather hands-on Dad, so the kids are happy to be with him.

Kids doing Art Work @ Art Garden
Kids doing Art Work @ Art Garden

We are also thankful that the haze cleared during the weekends, so we can take a little risk and brought the kids out to have some fun. Also thankful that the museum have free programs like their Art Garden to keep the kids entertained for an afternoon.


Am also grateful to see such clouds with birds flying in the sky this morning while on the way to work. It makes life feel so much better.


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