Loi @ 20 Months

Resource: Baby Center

Mastered Skills

  • Will pretend to feed doll
    Yes. My SIL brought a doll with a toy stroller to our house for the kids to play. They were fighting with each other to push the stroller and feed the ‘baby’. She loves to hug them and sayang them too.
  • Can take off own clothes with help
    I think so. She will try to pull down her pants or take out her clothes when they are ‘stuck’ while we are trying to undress her. However, I have not seen her taking out successfully before.
  • Will throw away an object such as rubbish, in imitation
    Yes? We normally make her throw away her own diaper and yalkut bottle when she is done. We have also passed used tissues to her and request her to help throw it away.

Emerging Skills

  • Learn words at a rate of ten or more a day
    This is really hard to measure. So far she is unable to understand the instructions we gave to her. But how to know if she is learning new words?
  • Can walk up (but probably not down) stairs
    For one or two steps yes. And the steps cannot be too tall. She is able to walk up those small curbs without holding anybody hand.
  • Searches for hidden objects
    Just yesterday she was trying to ‘hide and seek’ with me. She hide her toy and pretends that she don’t know where is it and turn around to give the ‘where’ look. Its really cute. I tried to bring the game a notch higher by ‘hiding’ the toy and asking her to look for it. Well, lets just say I gave too much hints.

Advanced Skills

  • May start exploring genitals
    Don’t think so.
  • Draws straighter lines
    I still see her drawing ‘circles’ more. So I also doubt so for this.
  • Name several body parts
    Hair, eye, feet, mouth, hand. Well, this is what I can remember for now.


Maybe because we have lesser time to spend with her as compare to her brother when he is at this age, I feel that my girl has grow up really fast. She has show signs of wanting to be independent. For example, she will not let us hold her hand when she knows she can do it on her own. But at times, she is still so babyish and want us to carry her or sleep with her.

We realize she has a much stronger character as compared to her brother and is showing obvious signs that terrible two is coming. For example, there was a day where all the kids were seated at their little table eating dinner. I told the girl to put down her legs. She wouldn’t listen and insisted on leaving it there. After several times of asking her to put it down, I give a small smack on her leg. She still refuses to budge. After which, I gave her a harder smack and scolded her. She still refuses to put down and refuses to cry. I was about to give her a third smack, and she stood up pushing her chair away and ran into the room to throw her tantrum.

Somehow I feel our girl has inherited all the strong characters from us. Stubbornness and defiance. Unfortunately, she can’t go to school at the moment where discipline can be instilled in her. But we will try within our very best to hopefully help her handle these characters of hers and learn to use them in a positive way.


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