Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son (June ’13 – Part 1)

Monthly Episode is back!



Chubby wanted to change the soils in our plants and engaged the help of the boy. So he asked…

Chubby: Do you want to do some potting?
Son: Yes!
Chubby: Ok, lets go to the back and pick up the stuff.

After a while, they finally make their way outside. Chubby laid down the papers, brought the plants to the floor.

Chubby: So, where is the soil?
Son: Its inside.
Chubby: Inside where?
Son (runs to the gate of our house and points to the living room): Its there.
Chubby: How come its inside there? Aren’t you suppose to bring them out?
Son: Its there. Oh DeeDee, you are so lazy. You didn’t bring out the soil.

So who is the lazy one?


Brushing teeth with the boy is always a struggle. He loves to “eat” the toothpaste and always asks for more.

Son: I want a lot of toothpaste.
Me (squeezing a small pea size): There you go.
Son: No. I 3 year old. I big boy. I want a lot.
Me (firmly): No. You cannot have a lot of tooth paste. This is more than enough.
Son: No! I big boy. I not small anymore. I want big (as in big amount).
Me (firmly): No. Mummy is also big already, but Mummy also don’t use so much.

He proceeds to cry loudly. But naughty Mummy ignores his cries, but seize the opportunity to help him brush his teeth as he was crying with his mouth open. He didn’t retaliate but let me do the brushing.

A while later…

Chubby: Zai, you are big boy already right?
Son: Yes.
Chubby: So you cannot use your toothpaste anymore. You must use our toothpaste.
(He knows that our toothpaste is ‘spicy’, while his toothpaste as got the grape flavor.)
Son: No. I still a kid.
Chubby: But just now you say you big boy already. Want to use lots of toothpaste.
Son:. No No. I still a kid, not adult. The toothpaste is for adult. I’m a kid.

The boy certainly know how to tell when he needs to be a kid and when he needs to be a big boy!


The boy teacher is introducing pets to them. So they had a new class pet a hamster by the name of Hammy.

Son: MeeMee, my class has a hamster.
Me: Oh, yes. Do you like him?
Son: Yes. He is call Hammy.
Me: So you played with him?
Son: Yes. I give her food.
Me: I see. So is Hammy a boy or a girl?
Son: No! He is a rat.

Well, my son has corrected my English at a young age of 3. Well, technically he is right, Hammy is not a boy nor a girl. I should have asked is he male or female *abish*.


That’s all for now. More coming up next week.'s Talkative Thursdays


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