Review: Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt

I first know of Julia Donaldson when I read about the shows that are showing for this year Kidsfest. Following that, I learned about him through a blog series that one of the SMB Mom did. Naturally I was curious and I went to the library to look for his books or DVD. I realise to my dismay that “The Gruffalo”, which is the show featured in Kidsfest as well as the famous work of Julia Donaldson, is not available for borrowing at the library. So I decide to pick up some other of his books.

The first book I picked from him is “One Mole Digging a Hole”. I chose it because it has rhymes and teaches counting from 1 to 10. This is what I have been trying to teach Zai (2.5 y.o at that time) during that period. Besides, the drawings are brightly colored and features different types of animals, this I’m sure will be attractive to the son. True enough the love the book to bits. And since then we fell in love with Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt.

The next book we borrowed is “Goat goes to playgroup”. He describes the day of Goat as he spends his time in school. Again, the boy likes it even till date, he will request for me to borrow it whenever we sees it in the library. The funny things that the Goat do in school makes the boy laugh and maybe identify with.

Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt
Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt

“Toddle Waddle” is a good book to let the kids repeat after you. This is because as the book progresses, the phrases are repeated. And the son is always intrigue by words to do with sound like “boing boing”.

I had a hard time finding the other two books, “Chocolate Goose for Greedy Goose” and “Hippo Has a Hat”. They weren’t available at the library. But fortunately, I found them at the Popular Expo sale. They cost only SGD4.95 each and there is a 25% discount. Each book is less then SGD4. Good buy I should say.

I realise that there is 2 other books that is by the two of them. I need to start hunting around. Meanwhile, give these books a try for your young toddler!


4 thoughts on “Review: Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt

  1. Hi mummyshymz,

    Thanks for living a comment. Yes, my boy is reading “Stick Man” now. I was quite surprise that he actually likes it as I thought initially that it might be too wordy for him. But somehow he manage to “sit” through it though I try to summarize it as much. Thanks for the recommendation anyway. 🙂

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