Fairy Tales or Real World?

Yesterday when I reached home after work I saw the boy ‘reading’ the Chinese tabloid. I was surprised as the boy hardly touches the newspaper let alone a Chinese one. So I went over to ask him…

Me: Zai, what are you reading?
Son (points to the pictures in the article and in a sad tone): MeeMee so sad.
Me: Why?
Son: This story is about the Mummy don’t want the baby. And throw the baby into the toilet (bowl). And baby stuck (in the pipe). And the people come and rescue her (should be him).
(I’m presently surprise that the boy is able to point to the photos and ‘tell’ the story in sequence. But again I don’t think he will be able to tell the story just by looking at the photos.)
Me: Oh… How did you know?
Son: MaaMaa tell me.
Me: Oh… Such a sad story. Come lets go read something else.

Much as I’m happy that my boy could remember the story and the sequence so well when he was told the ‘story’ only once, I’m not sure if we should really share this news with him.

Actually, with the pictures being so gruesome, I think it is really not ideal to share the story with the boy. But the pictures aside, how about the content? Should we share it with him?

I mean this is like such a cruel news. But yet again, the baby boy was saved in the end. Its much like the fairy tales that he reads where the kids are safe in the end. Fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel are not much better when we talk about cruelty (parents abandoning their child and witches that eats little children). Of course we know that those are fairy tales, but to the young boy, he probably also doesn’t know that this is a real news and not just a story as he mention. So it sets me thinking should we share such news to a young 3 year old boy?

Would really like to know what is your take on it?


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales or Real World?

  1. We don’t have newspapers at home so I have not expose DinoBoy to news yet. However, if I were caught in your situation, I will deal with my son’s emotion instead of just doing what you did. At 3 years old they are like a sponge and absorbs things fast, I will explain to him what happened in more detail and them asked if he has any questions or doubts then address it there and then. Of course, this is me sharing my parenting style it may not suits others 🙂

    1. Thanks DinoMama. I agree with you that I didn’t handle the situation properly. I was a little stunned and didn’t know how to react. Will take your advice and hopefully handle such situation more properly the next time. 🙂

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