Loi @ 19 Months

Not exactly on time, but at least not late. 🙂

My little one has pass 1.5 years old. She is at such an adorable stage, but also demanding her independence much earlier than her bro. Not sure if it is good or bad. The down side is, she doesn’t get to go to school as her class is full and she has to wait till next year (Mummy is secretly praying that someone from her class will drop out). So she spends most of her days at home watching TV. *Sigh*. The con of a FTWM.  Can only try to help by reducing her TV time when I’m home, but difficult as her Bro will want his TV time after school. The struggles with gadgets continue.

Mastered Skills

  • Can use a spoon and fork
    Yes. She loves to feed herself. I have tried telling our helper to let her do self feed. But my MIL is afraid of messiness so wouldn’t really let her do it. Plus, my MIL cooks her mainly porridge so they are afraid that she will scald herself too. *Sigh* But whenever there is a chance I let her self feed.

    Self Feeding
    Self Feeding
  • Can run
    Nope. She “gallops” more. As in she tries to run, but ended up looking like galloping.
  • Can throw a ball underarm
    Still sees her throwing overarm more.

Emerging Skills

  • Half of speech may be understandable
    She is a quiet one so if she “talks” its mainly those words that she knows. Like “Daddy Where?”, etc. She doesn’t really talk gibberish, so I assume this is a yes.
  • Recognises when something is wrong
    Yes. But instead of exclaiming like what her bro does, she breaks into laughter. I like her reactions.

Advanced Skills

  • Can wash and dry hands and brush teeth with help
    Yes. If you consider rubbing her hands with soap all over without considering the “proper ways” of washing. Brushing teeth is more of a problem. She is able to mimic our actions of brushing but will not let us help her. As a result, not all areas are properly brushed.
  • Can point to picture of cat or dog when you say the word
    Other animals yes. Somehow she sometimes will mix cat and dog up. I do not know why.
  • May know when she needs to urinate
    I suspect sometimes she knows. Cause I have seen times when we just took off all her clothes and preparing her to bathe, she will stand with her legs open, look at her own (private) part and after a while her urine will come out. But most time she is just lazy and doesn’t want to be toilet trained. Last time when she was younger, whenever I bring her to the toilet after her nap or before she sleeps, she will pee. But nowadays, she screams when we try to do that. *Sigh* For toilet training, I have learn to let nature takes its course after what happened to the boy.

Source: Baby Center


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