Talkative Thursday: Talkative Son (May ’13)

The son is always surprising us with what comes out from his little brain.

The Talkative Son
The Talkative Son


The son is into Kung Fu Panda these days. He will allocate each of us as a character from the show.

Son: MeeMee, is snake a girl or a boy?
Me: I think its a girl.
Son: MeeMee, is snake a girl or a boy?
Me: Son, I think its a girl.
Son: I’m the snake.
Me: But snake is a girl, you are a boy right?
Son: DeeDee says snake is a boy.

I think he suspected the snake to be a girl, but his Daddy told him that its a boy. So he decides to be the snake. But he still wants to check it out with me but is unwilling to take in my answer. So he was the snake for a few days.


After accepting the fact that the snake is a girl, he decides that he wants to be Stork. He check and double checked that Stork is a boy. And Daddy gets to be Monkey, Mummy is Tiger and MeiMei is the Mantis. One day while we were having our pretend play with his kitchenette, I wanted to go over “the other side” and pretend to be a customer ordering food from him.

Son: No, MeeMee you are a person.
Me: I’m a person?
Son: Yes you are a person. Auntie (referring to our helper) is people.
Me: Huh?
Son: MeeMee you are person. I’m a person. MeiMei is a person.
(I interpret it as whoever is on his side selling food is a person. Whoever is a customer is a people.)
Me: Oh. But I thought I’m Tiger. How do I become a person?
Son (thinks and reply): No… You are MeeMee the Tiger Person.
Me: Oh! So you are Zai the Stork Person?
Son: Yes. MeiMei is MeiMei the Mantis Person.

Oh well, I thought his answer was quite witty, although it proves that he doesn’t really catch the concept of person yet.


One day after picking up the son after school.

Son: DeeDee, I’m hungry. DeeDee, I’m hungry.
(So Chubby went for a Mac drive thru and got the boy a happy meal. Boy he was really happy.)
Chubby: You are not sharing your nuggets with me.
(Son reluctantly gave the last piece of nugget to Chubby.)
Chubby: You are not saving some fries for MeiMei?
Son: DeeDee, I’m growing up. I need to eat a lot of fries.

Wow! My son have really grown up. Know how to find proper excuses to retaliate. Upon reaching home…

Son (exclaimed excitedly): MaaMaa, you see. French Fries!
(There was only 4 miserable pieces left in the pack.)
MIL (sits down on the floor and pretends to cry): I don’t have french fries. I want french fries. Zai, where is my french fries?
Son (went over to hug my MIL and pats her head): Its ok. Don’t cry. Its Ok.

Double Wow! My son has learn to comfort others. Although he is the culprit.


Sometimes I’m really amuse by the reaction from my boy. But I can’t help but to wonder whether we are promoting the habit of finding excuses. What do you think?'s Talkative Thursdays


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