Loi @ 18 Months

I’m late again! What’s new?

Mastered Skills

  • Will “read” board books on her own
    Yes. She loves flipping through the books. In fact, nowadays when she refuses to sleep, she will go to the book shelve and start taking out the books to flip (sometimes in the dark).
  • Can pedal when put on trike
    Not really. She couldn’t really reach the pedal of the trikes that we have, so she didn’t really have a chance to try it out yet. I’m really tempted to get her a trike of her own where she can pedal, but I know space is an issue and she will out grow it pretty soon.
  • Scribbles well
    If we compare to her bro, yes she is doing well in this area. She can hold the pen quite well and her fine motor skills seems to be even better then her bro.

Emerging Skills

  • Strings words together in phrases
    Nope. She is still into her single words usage. Although I think her vocab in understanding is improving leaps and bounds.
  • Brushes teeth with help
    She loves to “brush” her teeth. And wouldn’t allow us to help hold her hand and do it. However, I have seen her mimicking our actions of “brushing”. Nonetheless I will say a no for this, since we can’t really see what she is doing inside her mouth.
  • Builds a tower of four cubes
    Yes. But she doesn’t really like building though.

Advanced Skills

  • Throws ball overhand
    Not really. She does throw but not properly overhand.
  • Takes toys apart and puts them back together
    She only takes apart, she haven’t figured out how to put them together.
  • Shows signs of toilet training readiness
    There was once she told my mum she wants to go poo poo and indeed she pooed. But only that once. We are not sure if she really knows or its a pure luck. Course subsequently, she told us many times she wants to wee / poo, its all attempts to play in the toilet. However, we do notice that she does tell us when she had pooed on her diaper. Is that considered a sign of toilet training readiness?

Source: Baby Center


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