Zai Terrific 3 Birthday – Part 3

As mention, we visited the SEA aquarium the next day. The day didn’t start well, we ran late for everything. By the time we were outside the aquarium it was near to Zai’s nap time. So he was a little grouchy and sleepy. It doesn’t help that there is a huge queue at the ticket counter. Luckily, I got 2 tickets with me friendly from a colleague who got it from some credit card promo. So I decide to bring the boy in while Chubby stays behind to queue for the rest of the tickets.

Once inside SEA, the boy is less sleepy and is ‘mesmerize’ by all the different sea creatures.

Creatures from SEA Aquarium
Creatures from SEA Aquarium

It helped that he was watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Little Mermaid’. So he is able to identify some of the sea creatures.

Kids @ SEA Aquarium
Kids @ SEA Aquarium

Look at how happy he is. But alas, tiredness caught over him. So I found a spot right in front of the biggest fish tank (can’t remember what is that area called), plop down and let him take a nap. He fell asleep looking at the fishes. Ah~ such a bliss. I told Chubby that I will wait for him there and they can slowly explore the area. When he reach, the girl has also fallen asleep. We continued on after they woke up.

Seriously, I didn’t think that the SEA Aquarium is fantastic. I thought the Hong Kong Ocean Park is much better, with more sea creatures. So I doubt we will go back to SEA anytime soon, would rather save the money for other attractions.


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